Cut a stylish look in this out of the box ensemble featuring a purple/black fur coat and matching sunnies. Yes sunnies in winter, whosoever said we were normal?

Entirely handmade, the items are the result of a rigorous process that begins with the selection and purchase of the finest quality skins and materials at auction houses around the world. Only those that are origin assured and that comply with stringent manufacturing standards of durability, texture color dyes become part of your look. Quality is paramount. Because the house works in this way, the collection comprises a line up of extraordinary pieces, often, in limited edition where each component is chosen for its pristine softness and lightness.

Couture Sunnies: $2695
Fox Fur coat: £6303

Contact concierge st or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

Hot concierge styling tip:

Checkout slay my hair to complete this look.

No gray area!

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