So you know how much we love Slaylebrity Amrezy and her style. We thought we’ll let Amrezy tell you all about how she becam a Glamrezy Slaylebrity.

Well where do I begin? Most of you know me as Amrezy on Instagram but my real name is Amra. Amrezy was actually a nickname I got in high school and thought it would be the perfect username for Instagram, who knew it would sound so catchy lol. Lets start with childhood and move on up. I was born in Montenegro (Former Yugoslavia), came here when I was nine years old. I lived in Bosnia and Croatia for a couple of months before moving to the US. I mostly lived in New York majority of my life. I’ve lived in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. I moved around a lot, and I liked the constant change. Got to meet so many people because of all the different schools I attended. I graduated high school in 2006, tried college out for a couple of semesters and absolutely hated it. I never had an interest for school, would spend most of my time sleeping on the desk lol. As I stated in a previous post I went to Make Up Designory beauty school shortly after graduating high school. I didn’t learn much and it was a total waste of time, good thing I didn’t depend on school to teach me things. I ended up learning everything through life experience. Ive always been self efficient, didn’t wait around for anyone to hand me favors. If I wanted something I would go for it, nothing stopped me. One of my strongest characteristics has been being persistent, I would break through walls if I had to. I always loved pushing limits, I guess I’m a daredevil in some kind of way. If everyone else was going right I would go left, thats just in my nature. I was raised by strict parents. They provided me everything but were super tough on me most of the time. I couldn’t always see eye to eye with them when I was younger so I moved out when I was 23. Best decision I’ve made so far. It taught me responsibility, courage and perseverance. I went through some really hard times, at certain points I didn’t even have money to eat. Lived with my boyfriend and both of us struggled together. Sometimes I look back and think how did we even make it? Through each others support we were able to learn from our mistakes and apply to our future endeavors. I especially grew a lot through the struggle, it changed me as a person. Not only did it make me humble but it taught me to appreciate every moment, and I knew I never wanted to relive the bad times ever again. Now I appreciate the smallest things, being able to pay bills and not go broke. I am truly grateful to be in the position I am today, I’m not rich but I am comfortable and that’s all I can ask for. If more comes then great but if it doesn’t I am happy knowing I am in a better place then where I was a couple of years ago. Money isn’t everything, yes it does pay the bills and supply a certain lifestyle, but some of the richest people are more miserable then you can imagine. There is so much more I want to write but it be would never ending lol, so I will finish off by saying you never really know where you will end up. If you have a dream go for it, other peoples opinions shouldn’t matter. Life is so much better when you follow your own instincts.

By Amrezy

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