Slaylebrity Amir Khan has been accused of sending sleazy messages texts to a single mum where he called his estranged wife Faryal Makhdoom a ‘Kylie Jenner plastic surgery obsessive.’
The boxer is said to have sent a bunch of seedy texts to the teacher named Sophie before bombarding her with late night phone calls.
The Daily Star reports he also hit out at his pregnant ex Faryal saying her obsession with surgery turned him off.

Sophia told the paper: ‘He said she was good-looking until she started following Kylie Jenner and changing her looks. He said she had no need for the work, then added “nobody would have her for a one-night stand now”, which was a rude thing to say.’
The athlete reportedly swapped numbers with the single mum after meeting him a hotel car park and he immediately began sending her seedy messages.

The pair were said to get talking some more when Amir began to beg the mum to send him raunchy videos – later claiming the request was made by a pal as a joke.

Faryal and Amir split up earlier this year in a string of explosive tweets in which Khan accused his wife of cheating on him with fellow boxing star Anthony Joshua.
She had hit out at the former light-welterweight world champion with claims he had slept with other women during their four-year marriage, writing: ‘After all these years. I’ve always defending a cheat, always stuck around for him, always had his back.’

In September Faryal had said she wanted to get back together for the sake of their unborn child and apologised to her in-laws for their public spat.
Faryal was embroiled in a bitter feud with Amir’s family, accusing them of bullying her ‘physically and mentally’ and saying they had criticised her for ‘baring her skin’.
‘I never felt I could do anything right. I was bullied physically and mentally,’ she told The Sun in 2015. ‘One day I said, “Enough of this s***, I’m going to speak up”.’ Amir’s parents accused her of lying, with Falek saying she had spoken to her about her style of dress – and his father Shah saying she was ‘adopting a dress code which in the Islamic faith was not acceptable’.

The pair are now in the process of a divorce despite earlier claims that they were trying to give their relationship another go.
But boxing champ Amir tweeted: ‘Unfortunately it didn’t work out between Me and Faryal and we are still going ahead with the divorce. We are in good talking terms. We have to think about our daughter Lamaisah who I will always be there for. I wish Faryal all the very best for the future.’
She has previously told Khan that she will move back to New York with their daughter if he files for divorce.
The two were married in New York in 2013, and have three-year-old daughter Lamaisah together.

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