Earlier this month, when Kendall Jennerreceived Daily Front Row’s Fashion Icon of the Decade award, people were in quite the state. Most commenters pointed out the fact that 21-year-old Jenner had not been working in the industry a full decade (the closer approximate would be around 4-5 years, at most), and was therefore undeserving of the award, which many argued should have been given to a model with more longevity.
Now, veteran supermodel Adriana Lima has chimed in one of the conversation, noting that the award “doesn’t mean anything.”
Lima appeared on radio show Sway’s Universe where she was questioned about how she felt about Jenner’s win.
“I’ve been working with all the girls, and they don’t work any less than we do—they’re very talented,” she began, “And I think these days everything is judged by social media and [how] many people you are reaching out to through that, I believe. And I think it was well deserved.”
The interviewer pressed her a little, saying, “So you don’t have a problem with it? Even though she hasn’t been around for a decade? You think she deserved it?”
Lima continued: “I think… it’s just a trophy, you know? It doesn’t mean anything!” she laughed.
“You know, I’m happy for her, but it everyone has their own space in the business and by her having a trophy, it’s not going to take any space from any other model that has been working,” she concluded.
It was reported that Jenner will not be walking this year’s upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, due to a pre-existing contract with rival lingerie giant, La Perla.

By Harpers Bazaar

Adriana invoking her Animal Totem

Adriana with her cuties on Halloween

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