Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o will officially team up in an upcoming movie that is based off an idea started by a viral meme on Twitter!
After this photo of the two stars sitting together at a Miu Miu fashion show in 2014 started spreading around on social media, fans started coming up with ideas for a storyline for a buddy movie… and it’s actually going to be made.
Ava DuVernay will direct the movie with a script by Issa Rae, according to Entertainment Weekly.
“Rihanna looks like she scams rich white men and Lupita is the computer smart best friend that helps plan the scans,” Twitter user @1800SADGAL tweeted on April 18. The tweet has nearly 100,000 retweets and over 200,000 likes.
Twitter users cast Rihanna and Lupita and asked for Ava and Issa to be involved in the project. They all agreed and now Netflix has nabbed the rights to the project.
It’s not yet known if the story of the film will follow the logline from the tweet, but we can’t wait to find out more details!

By Just Jared


What a way to land a movie role, any credits to the twitterian?

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