It’s almost summer time! Woo hoo! Summer is the time for showing some skin in cute rompers, shorts and miniskirts! But, there are always those women you see on a hot summer’s day and think: Honey, you need to cover up! Striking that balance between sexy and a little ‘hoochie mama’, if you please, and sexy with a sultry, sophisticated edge is sometimes a challenge.

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Striking a balance between too much skin and just enough

Add a little sex appeal but still keep thing PG

A multifaceted look

That va-va voom look

It's time to express your sultry side

Respect your Décolletage

If you’re proud of your chest, it can be tempting to let the girls hang out, especially when it’s hot outside. Reel those puppies in! There is no shame in flaunting one of your best assets, but wearing a skintight shirt, or a top that gives you too much of a lift can attract the wrong sort of attention. Think about that gorgeous, down-to-earth guy that is wholesome and looking for a long term love… would he want his woman’s goods flashed out for everyone to see? I think not. However, on the flip side, it is safe to say that your man, or your man to be, would want to see a little of what your working with. The key is to stay classy, show just enough cleavage to get the guys drooling, but keep em’ wanting more girl!

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