You are the queen bee and it’s time to show the world just how fabulous you are! If you want to be fabulous and live your life loud and proud but you don’t know how,
This is how you work what you’ve got!

Wear more sequins. Sequins are amazing. They make you sparkle and give you all of that Mae West drama in a nice modern package. Are you wearing sequins? That’s nice. Wear more. Sequin dresses are the best. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that they’re out of fashion because they just don’t know what they’re talking about.

Put more color into the outfits you wear. Who wants to live a dull life of grey and brown? NOBODY. Bring color into the lives of everyone you know by wearing bright outfits. Be daring in your color choices and don’t be afraid to bring more than one bright color in at a time.

Add drama into the mix. Not social drama though, who wants more of that? When we say drama we mean something like a feather or (faux!) fur stole. You know you can bring it like Marilyn Monroe, so bring it!

Add some inches. To your heels, we mean! Jeez. Take those boring kitten heels and add some drama. You’re hitting fabulous around the 3.5″ mark.

Pile on the hair. More hair, piled higher, with more volume: that’s fabulous. Get extensions or even a fun wig. You can add even more drama by adding color to your hair. Just make sure you look super-model perfect all the time. The fabulous look is less Beach Bum and more LA runway.

Stop taking advice on clothes. What are you listening to us for? The whole point of dressing fabulous is to follow your own mind. You’ve got fabulous taste, naturally! The most important thing is to dress in a way that makes you happy and makes a statement about who you are. If you are tweed coats with elbow patches, that’s fabulous too and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Work it. Don’t ever be ashamed of the person you are or that body that you have. Why would you be? You’re fabulous just the way you are! Rock what your mamma gave you and embrace who you are. Wear the best clothing cut for your shape and wear clothing styles that match your personality.

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The really fabulous people aren't laid back, hang out on the couch and watch Jerry Springer kind of people. They are the get out there and enjoy their life kind of people!

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