Most of us wind down our Friday nights with, say, a nightcap or cup of tea, but Chrissy Teigen fearlessly goes after the president-elect with some choice words on Twitter. It’s been increasingly well-known over the past week or so that Donald Trump is having a hard time getting top-tier celebrities to perform at his inauguration—an honor that, most of the time, stars would be lining up for. But Hollywood backed Hillary for most of the election, and so far, it’s been hard to lock anyone down for January 20. Trump has booked the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jackie Evancho (a runner-up on America’s Got Talent), and the Rockettes (not all of whom are thrilled about it). For reference, President Obama had Beyoncé kill it at both of his inaugurations and Aretha Franklin appear in 2009.

So the president-elect tweeted a message Friday evening to air his inauguration woes—and put a bit of a spin on the situation with a man-of-the-people vibe by trying to make it seem like celebs weren’t snubbing him; he was snubbing them. He also added that they did nothing for Hillary Clinton. Instead, he wanted “the PEOPLE!”

(For the record, these celebrities all actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton: Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Bob Odenkirk, B.D. Wong, Adele, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, Kendall Jenner, America Ferrera, Lady Gaga, Chloe Grace Möretz, and Jennifer Lopez—among many others. Then again, Trump’s tweets aren’t exactly known for their accuracy.)

Teigen, who is #WithHer, clapped back later Friday with a few scathing choice points, namely that celebrities are people, too—and reminded him that he’s their president as well. (Trump’s victory speech promised he would be “president for all Americans,” after all).

Later, she clarified that she’s referring to John in these tweets, as she’s not herself a “performer of music.” But TBH, having Teigen at an inauguration seems like a damn good time.

Oh it's on!

Perfect call out on Mr President elects inauguration tweets

Donald Trump's tweet

Christies call out

She ended up on this delightful note

Later she clarified she was referring to John in her tweets

A step back by Christie perhaps?

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