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The wedding industry has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. However, the changes have mostly been about the bridal gowns. Brides went to “barely there” gowns made of mostly lace. Non-traditional brides shook things in the wedding world by wearing black, red, or silver gowns. In 2018, brides are determined to make their weddings their own. They are not worried about tradition, and they do not have to be.

Traditional brides dressed their bridesmaids in matching formal dresses. Some allowed the women to select their own style as long as they were in the same family of color and the same length.

Barn weddings were big last year, and they are still making the top scores. Two piece gowns with cowboy boots are awesome for an outdoor or barn wedding

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Some brides will select trending bridesmaid’s dressings, just because they are trending. That is never a good idea. Looking back you will wish you had used the dresses you liked. The good news is, trending bridesmaids dresses have a lot of options. With an anything goes wedding gown on the bride, it is okay to step out of the box for the dresses for your bridal party.

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Trends for bridesmaids dresses
The trend for this year is looking past the norm. Bridesmaids dresses must be interesting, They are not supposed to look like the bride’s dress, but they should compliment them. To put it another way, if the bride is dressed formally and the groom is wearing a tuxedo, the bridesmaids should not show up in cowboy boots.
Making it yours
It is all about the neckline, sleeves, and back. If strapless is unappealing to you or unflattering on your bridesmaid, don’t buy it. You can select an one-shoulder dress. The fabric that climbs to the shoulder provides enough coverage for a lovely sensual look.

A halter type neckline is hot this season. The fabric covers the chest and fascens around the neck. The sexy part of this dress is a daring low back.

You don’t care for the above-mentioned dresses, try this. Dress your bridesmaids in a gown that has a traditional strapless dress, but add cap sleeves to tone down the sex appeal and to give the security of the gown and sleeves staying out. If their dresses make you feel a little uncomfortable, add a lace wrap to their gowns. If it is winter, a faux fur wrap is very pretty in the outdoor photos. But the lace can be worn during the ceremony.

Texture, layers This is absolutely the year for layers. The texture of cotton lace is perfect. Some are wearing a thin overlay of charmeuse that creates a wispy look. Chiffon is so light it has been used as an overlay, underlay, and an accent meant to flow as the bride stand for outdoor photos.

The trend for bridesmaids for 2018 is tea-length. But there is room to customize the dresses. As long as the dress is below the knee, it works. It can be below the knee, touching the calf, or a few inches above the ankle. It can also be high-low (shorter in the front and a bit longer in the back. It seems designers are discovering That all women are different and all women are beautiful. This gives the bridesmaid plenty of room to work.

Two Piece formal
Many brides list a traveling outfit on the honeymoon fund. The honeymoon outfit allows families and friends to provide them the opportunity to contribute financially to gifts the couple would select. Many brides want a scaled down version of their wedding gown. That blouse can be styled in a similar version of the top of her wedding gown. She can have matching pants made or a shorter and less embellished than her gown, This affords her a wedding outfit for going somewhere special while on her honeymoon. It is a beautiful gift.

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Whatever your dream wedding is, within your reach. Open your mind to face any challenge, and keep a smile on your face. In the end, it will all be a wonderful memory that you will share with your children.

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