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“The clubs’ focus has been to create things on the platform that makes you go, ‘Wow what is that?’, We actually almost like it better when you don’t know what it is! You need something, you go to Jumia or wherever boring place you currently source products. With Slaylebrity’s Slay Club world, you need your store/business to stand out and something in your head says: Let’s go and see if there’s something fun, or If I Can go and buy something I can’t find anywhere else” 

Sarah Palmer Head Concierge.

If you are willing to pay a premium for the luxury of not having to shop around for the best things for your store under a coveted brand then Slay club World is for you!

Discover the World’s most premier bespoke shopping club, not just because of what it sells but how it sells it. Find anything from mere clothing to more assorted paraphernalia. Handmade products are all the rage right now and Slaylebrity is packed with it.

With revenue stream of over 100 million USD Slaylebrity is devoted to enriching the lives of its members through meaningful experiences and unparalleled access to the world of luxurious creative products.

Slay club world was imagined to redefine luxury living by harnessing our rich global connections and expert cultural knowledge to elevate the lifestyles of our elite vendor members and allow them more time to access and enjoy the things they cherish without having to worry.

With an International network of over 60 global partners our 5000 strong lifestyle managers, stylists, photographers and expert specialists are on hand 24/7/365  to manage our members’  ever growing appetite for the worlds most  unique items and experiences.

The mission of our devoted team is to enhance our members’ day to day lives and fulfill their biggest dreams. Through bespoke experiences and lifestyle services our members get to enjoy the luxury of not having to source and create products on their own  or create tedious campaigns. In today’s fast paced world the significance of time can never be overstated. As a Vendor member you’ll discover without fuss and stress the best products that sell and leverage on our brands unique global reach. You’ll have access to the world’s best and most extravagant items and you’ll do this all from the comfort of your home or wherever you like. Trying to figure out the perfect items to stock in your store both online or physical  will now be a thing of the past, as you’ll have direct access to the world’s best fashion and lifestyle creations including luxury packaging. Enjoy Special rewards and discounts as a shopping member.

As a premier member you’ll get to show off your elite standing with our coveted membership cards. Enjoy our custom work of art and show off your status and personal / brand story of success to the world. Each card represents your level of membership ranging from bronze to the ultimate Gold card. You will also be granted access to our elite social network to share your shop stock with others.

Questions to Consider

Do you love everything luxury? Are you all about living the luxury lifestyle? Would you like to sell luxury things?

Do you dream of having an income that allows you to spend more time socially with your friends and family?

Have you got the desire to achieve a lifestyle of freedom, luxury, rewards and professional recognition?

Then You Are In Luck.

Introducing the worlds first luxury fashion and lifestyle club.


Is to create freedom, serve others, and strengthen families through fashion. It’s a community where lives are being improved through love, purpose, confidence, trust & growth.

Creating your own luxury brand is a very difficult task indeed, why bother and risk the chance of failure when you can guarantee your success by partnering with a recognized luxury brand.


From earning mega money to building a high profile career, you decide how far you progress and the type of lifestyle you achieve. It all starts with one simple step, joining slay club world Africa.
When you become a slay club world Africa member you’ll be entitled to several benefits

As a member you’ll receive slay credits to buy any item from the slay network shopping or lifestyle platform.
As a member you’ll also get to earn while you are living the slay lifestyle

Receive items depending on your membership level.

Upgrade your membership anytime.

Purchase slay items at a discount and get the rights to resell at the slay retail price at your store or online.

If you run out of slay credits and need to restock, you can easily purchase more slay credits by contacting slay concierge.

All members can purchase additional slay credits if your slay balance does not cover the items you want to purchase by sending a request to slay concierge.

Receive a solid metal membership card to authenticate your membership

Annual Membership Fees













What you receive


12000 slay credits/ purchase anything you like to sell plus packaging and custom hangers at 10% discount


18000 slay credits/ purchase anything you like to sell plus packaging and custom hangers at 15% discount


60000 slay credits/ purchase anything you like to sell plus packaging and custom hangers at 25% discount


You must respect our brand image at all times and never do anything to harm the reputation of our brand

You must never sell below the suggested retail price

How it works

Once you complete your application and you pass our screening process you’ll receive an email with your invoice to confirm your tentative membership,

Once you make a payment via bank transfer your new account will be set up on the slay platform and credited with the relevant slay credits promised with your membership.

A slay membership card will be sent to you within 60 days of sign up.

Each member will receive a solid metal card with your name on it. With the highest group receiving a solid 24K gold metal membership card.

You will be required to log in to your account to place orders, you may also order items such as packaging and hangers directly from slay concierge.

You’ll also receive access to
Once you sign up to slay club world Africa you’ll also become a member at the world’s most elite social network Slaylebrity. This is like having your own personal shopping and lifestyle concierge. Everyday you’ll receive updates on several categories ranging from lifestyle, food, fitness, fashion and more. You can follow the slogger channels you like, to receive automatic updates on new products so you never have to search for what to spend your slay credits on. You can also share your own content on the platform for free.

As a slay club world member you’ll receive a whatsapp invite to the secret slay club world member Africa group. This allows you to get quick updates on new products so you can purchase quickly before they are introduced to the public. Please note updates will be sent out according to your group level, Gold will receive updates first, silver next, and then Bronze.


We love to reward our highest performers.
At the end of every year, the highest sales volume member will receive a gift.

Receive referral cash rewards for introducing new members depending on your membership level

reward benefit chart