Ever seen a dessert that’s equally as fascinating as it is delicious? Well, feast your eyes on the coolest cake trend we’ve seen so far this year, known as “tsunami cake” (although “waterfall cake” might be the better fit). With a smooth and slow cascade of rich frosting overtop the edges of a fluffy, moist layer cake, this Slay Billionaire dessert has our attention.

In short, these cakes = fun, whether you’re hosting a girls’ night or entertaining the kids for a few hours. Not only do they resemble a science experiment, but they also offer a blank canvas for the wildest toppings and flavor combinations of your dreams. *Cue the sprinkles, Cocoa Puffs, and spoonfuls of edible glitter.*

Go ahead and pick your design from the array of options below

The cakes are seriously a work of art!

Slay Billionaire have extensively tested shipping methods and cakes will arrive ready-to-eat and do not need any refrigeration but if you would like to save the cake for more than 5 days we suggest freezing them to extend the shelf life. Extra large full size cakes will arrive cold or frozen with dry ice and dry ice handling instructions due to the nature of their size and ingredients used.

Due to the customized nature of each gift, please note that all sales are final!

Delivery Time: 10-30 working days.

Price: $5,000
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

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Ever seen a dessert that's equally as fascinating as it is delicious? Well, feast your eyes on the coolest slay billionaire cake yet.

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