What are my qualifications to teach etiquette? I did an intensive summer training where I got a diploma in International Etiquette and Protocol from renowned Swiss Finishing School “Institute Villa Pierrefeu“. In this video I will tell you all about my training!

It’s so important to invest in yourself.

I cannot stress how endangered a species the elegant lady actually is.

There is not just one version of a modern, sophisticated woman. Being a lady, someone who makes all who surround her feel comfortable, someone who makes a party seem effortless, someone who chooses eloquence over vulgarity, what a rarity these days. Really, etiquette and manners are the true currency of the future!

I hope women of all ages understand the discipline and challenges (as well as the great rewards) of cultivating one’s most refined self.

Till the next slay time!

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International etiquette and protocol, should be part of all women’s learning journey. After all, how can you manage a home staff or entertain without knowing how it’s properly done

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