All right, slay fitness tribe. Listen up.

You’ve been sold on the idea that you need a platinum membership at some overpriced gym or to exercise till you’re blue in the face to get in shape. You’ve been deceived. The only gym membership you need is commitment to your health and the only thing that needs to be blue in your face is the sweat.

Enter the world’s simplest, most effective, most overlooked type of exercise: Cardio. Or as I like to call it for this context, the Cardio Butt Buster.

First, let’s do away with the fancy terms. Don’t let the word ‘cardio’ intimidate you. It’s just science speak for any activity that increases your heart rate. Guess what? When you’re spiking your heart rate, you’re burning fat. And you know where most of us carry our stubborn fat? Precisely, the butt.

Yet, I see so many of you spending hours on the squat rack fighting gravity to build a better butt. Fellows, it’s not the weight. It’s the intensity. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT should be your new best friend. Short bursts of super intense effort mixed with slow recovery periods. It’s the atomic bomb in your fitness war.

Now think about this: running. It’s like the ugly duckling of exercises. Underrated. Unappreciated. But it’s a cheap, universally accessible form of cardio and an unbelievable Butt Buster. Hill runs, treadmill sprints, beach running. Incorporate these into your routine and watch your body – and rear end – transform. No gym necessary.

You want to add an extra detonator to this Fat-Melting-Bomb? Add in stair running. Mega Cardio. Mega Butt Buster. Literally on every step, your glutes are firing. Find the nearest staircase and make it your battleground.

And let’s cut to the chase, the more you sweat, the more calories you burn. So never be afraid to break a sweat – it’s not just water leaving your body, it’s fat crying tears of defeat. Hell, dance if you have to! Dancing is a fantastic cardiovascular and glute workout, and having fun while working out is the best motivation you can ask for.

Mastering cardio is mastering your own body. It’s pushing past your limitations. The only gym membership you truly need is a membership to effort, dedication and consistency – and those are free. The only equipment you need is your heart and the road or stairs or dance floor before you.

To the studios gouging you with expensive memberships, to the influencers selling you quick fixes. I say, forget them! You don’t need money. You need commitment.

Stay consistent. Stay committed. And watch as your Cardio Butt Buster workout propels you into a healthier, stronger version of yourself. Drop those monthly fees, drop those pounds and who knows… maybe the world’s best butt could be yours!

And that, my friends, should explode your understanding of fitness.

Workout Structure

8 Exercises

50 Second Intervals

No Equipment

10 Second Transition between intervals
where a demonstration is shown for the next exercise

Printable Workout

Jump Squat Twists – Holding a static squat, move both hands to the outside right thigh; then to the left; then back to the right before jumping explosively upward out of the squat. Go right back into the squat & repeat, this time starting on the left.

Lateral Burpees – Drop down & kick your feet out into a plank, jump straight back up, jump to the side and immediately go back down into a Burpee.

Windmill Steps – Take a long step (or leap to make it harder) to the side,
windmilling arms overhead. Use strong movements, keeping all muscles tight throughout the motion.

Toe Touch Jacks – Jump feet apart and hands overhead like you would with a traditional jumping jack. Jump feet back together and swiftly bend down in a squat to touch your toes; from this position, jump back into the top of the motion (feet spread, arms overhead).

2 Knees + 2 Side Leg Raises – Pull 2 knees upward, then kick each leg out to the side – be careful to use controlled motions, not momentum.

Plank Tuck & Lifts – Hold a static plank and lift one knee up to your elbow, then back out directly up into a lift. Alternate repetitions on each side.

Heel Tap Hops – Stand with feet hip width apart and jump upwards, tapping your heels together quickly before landing with feet back in their starting position.

Jab + Cross + 2 Kicks – Just like it sounds; hop in between each repetition in order to alternate which side is doing the work.

How many calories does this burn?

We estimate that this Cardio Butt Buster burns between 8-12 calories a minute. Remember, you can maximize your benefit & your belly fat burning results if you pair it with some of our lengthier videos, or if you repeat it multiple times in the day.

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You've been sold on the idea that you need a platinum membership at some overpriced gym or to exercise till you're blue in the face to get in shape. You've been deceived. The only gym membership you need is commitment to your health and the only thing that needs to be blue in your face is the sweat.

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