Telemarketers are getting trickier, pushier, and more aggressive. They have no choice!

The telemarketing industry is different now. Gone are the days of cold calling and random call lists. These do not exist anymore. The industry itself has changed and had to abide by some strict FCC laws. For one the invention of the Do Not Call list (or DNC) has pretty much kept a lot of the pesky telemarketers at bay for quite some time. Some more laws have made it to where the workers themselves are required to be paid hourly wages. And above all else it is a numbers game.
Most telemarketers love and hate the job at the same time. They love it because there is a thrill in convincing someone to do something that they wouldn’t do. There is a high in getting that person to buy, upgrade or even just have an appointment set. They do not know you. Nor will They ever know you, but just getting to know you on the phone and hearing you talk to them as a person and helping you with your wants and needs is all a major sales high.

Watch the videi to see how reverse psychology can be used to change your sales game.

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There is a thrill in convincing someone to do something that they wouldn't do.

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