Training Type: Low Impact, Toning
Equipment: Mat, No Equipment

Having a rock hard stomach is usually on everyone’s body improvement wish list but getting a good abdominal routine in can sometimes be difficult. This Quick 100 Rep Abs targets the entire waistline making sure that you not only have a toned mid section but that you also have strength, endurance, and coordination.

This routine is designed to be used in conjunction with a longer main workout and will bring about the best results when used multiple times a day. For example try doing this routine in the morning after a quick warm up, then later in the day do one of our longer routines to burn more calories, then follow it up with a second round of this quick ab routine.

By doing this routine multiple times a day you will not only get an extra calorie burn and boost for your day but you will also continually tell your abs they have to do work so they will stay nice and tight all the time, constantly burning extra calories for you.

As with any toning exercise routine, always move slowly through the reps. The slower you go the more calories you will burn and the more toning effect you will get. Remember to suck your stomach in. If you want a flat stomach then you need to tell your abs how to contract. If you let them do what they want you will never get a flat stomach and instead you will always have a slightly rounded belly. Instead constantly (even when not exercising) pull your stomach in so that it is always contracting inward rather than, what those abs want to be doing, contracting slightly outward.

Because this is a core routine it does not burn a huge amount of calories but because we have picked exercises that use multiple other muscle groups besides the core, you will burn way more calories than a traditional core workout. You can expect to burn anywhere from 5-10 calories per minute giving you a total burn of around 40 – 80 calories total, which makes it a great metabolism booster without drenching you in sweat.

The following is a direct transcript of what exercises and how many repetitions were used in the video.

Reclined Oblique Twist: Left (20 repetitions) Lift your left leg, bringing your right hand just to the outside of your left foot. Be sure not to kick with this motion as it should be a slow contraction up, and a controlled motion back down. Keep the left foot hovering to make this exercise even harder or use an ankle weight to really bump up the difficulty level.

Reclined Oblique Twist: Right (20 repetitions) Lift your right leg, bringing your left hand just to the outside of your right foot. Again keep that right foot hovering to make this exercise even harder or use an ankle weight.

Back Bow Pull and Press: (20 repetitions) With arms and legs extended, lift up and do a row motion with your arms and pull your legs apart simultaneously. Be sure to work against yourself throughout the arm and leg motion. The harder you work against yourself the more calories you will burn and the more toning effect you will get.

Windshield Wipers: (20 repetitions) This is a difficult exercise so feel free to use the half version with your knees bent or switch halfway through like we do. Harder version: keep legs extended straight 90º off torso and rotate as far as you can control from left to right keeping your shoulders flattened to the ground. Easier Version: do as above but bend your knees to 90º so that just your thighs are the only part of your leg that is perpendicular to your body.

Jack Knife Crunch: (20 repetitions) This can also be a difficult motion to do properly. Make sure you keep your lower back flat on the mat at all times. Start with the pike motion, bringing your arms and legs up fully extended hovering just off the ground to legs above hips and arms above shoulder, then perform a toe touch crunch at the top before lowering back down. You can make this motion easier by bending your knees to 90º, only straightening them during the toe touch crunch. Make this motion harder by passing a medicine ball back and forth from hands to in between your feet.

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