Food banks say they have a shortage of basic items because shoppers are stockpiling as fears grow over the spread of coronavirus.

London food bank Sufra, which donates 9,540 parcels annually, says the likes of pasta and rice are hard to get.

A food bank in Bedfordshire has warned stockpiling “will hit the vulnerable” .
In Coventry, one food bank said supplies have “never been so low” and in Billingham donations have dropped considerably in recent days.
Food bank charity The Trussell Trust said it hoped the “generous public” would continue donating.
“We’re working with our network on how best to support people as the situation unfolds,” it said.

The companies that feed America and provide basic staples are bracing for labor shortages as the novel coronavirus pandemic intensifies, which could leave them without enough workers to manufacture, deliver and unpack groceries in stores in the coming months.
As the virus spreads, supermarkets and distribution facilities face a difficult choice: how to keep shelves stocked with essentials while keeping their workers safe.

A food situation could be even worse than the Corona Virus matter itself! Reports are coming in from slay members in the United States that even water was impossible to find at wall mart stores. People are also said to be stocking up on guns for fear of looting.

Heres What Gary Owen has to say

Checkout what’s happening right now in Germany in the video below


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Sources Washington Post, BBC

80% of people who contract corona virus will recover

but the world is in panic mode,

and panic leads to very bad things!

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