The Western Agenda: A Hidden Imperialism in Our Times?

When did the West become so fixated on Africa? Let’s remember—I’m not against anyone’s lifestyle choices. But I’m an adamant supporter of sovereignty. Of self-governance. Of an individual—or an entire nation—having the right to choose.

The recent outcry on the Western world’s strong-arm tactics towards African nations—pressuring them to comply with their ‘progressive’ LGBTQ and child grooming legislations—is alarming. Some call it diplomacy; I call it neo-imperialism.

Let’s not mince words here. Your lifestyle, your call. My life, my rules. But when you take your own stance on what’s right and wrong, and start forcing it down the throats of others, especially developing nations who you’re financially bullying into submission—that’s where I draw the line.

Seriously, isn’t this the same Western world that reveres the core tenets of democracy and praises the ideal of individual liberties? Yet, they’re hell-bent on applying a template of cultural norms onto nations with different historical, social, and economic realities. And the price for not playing along? Economic sanctions. Defunding. Rescinded World Bank loans. Uganda stands as a startling sobering testament to just the price of refusal!

In the cloak of human rights and social advancement, they’re dragging Africa into their realm of controversies, away from what should genuinely be the continent’s first order of business—raising the standard of living, economic independence, and capacity building. Africa’s concern shouldn’t be toeing the diplomatic line set by the West; it should be focused on coming up, on building infrastructures, hospitals, schools, making the place better for the future generations.

And yet, here we are, watching the West dangle the carrot of financial aid in one hand and a stick of denied funding in the other. They’re playing the puppeteer in a show that’s meant to be run by Africans themselves, for themselves. The arrogance, the audaciousness of such actions is astounding. Shameful, even.

My question is—why? Why this unhealthy obsession with Africa? Why this forceful determination to push an ideology on others? Is this a new form of colonialism? Has the West not learnt from historical avoidable calamities?

Today it’s Africa; tomorrow, it could be any other part of the world. It’s a dangerous precedent to set, and it’s high time we acknowledge it.

This is not a rallying cry against LGBTQ rights—far from it. I flat out reject discrimination of any kind. What this is a rallying cry against is cultural imperialism and forcible imposition of ideologies. This is an appeal to let a nation, any nation, find its own rhythm, its own pace, and its own path, without the looming shadow of economic sanctions.

What Africa needs is balance, not bullying. It’s time that the West steps back to let Africa steer its own course. Respect African nations for their differences, celebrate them for their uniqueness, and let their sovereignty reign supreme.

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Today it's Africa; tomorrow, it could be any other part of the world. It's a dangerous precedent to set, and it's high time we acknowledge it.

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