Elegance vs Fashion Nova Challenge!

The rich and famous are not the only ones who wear expensive clothing.

The Jet Set Babe is a woman of affluence who has the means to live a luxurious lifestyle. She is often seen at exclusive events and can be recognized by her elegant yet stylish appearance.

She doesn’t care about brands, but rather prefers to wear pieces that are more expensive than they are trendy or fashionable. Her style is all about elegance and luxury, so she will always dress in an extravagant manner with designer labels that have prestige and history behind them.

Fashion Nova is an affordable clothing brand that caters to women of all income levels – from the broke college student to the wealthy businesswoman. It’s common for people to think that Fashion Nova clothes are only for people who can’t afford designer brands and I wanted to test it out for myself to see what Jet set babes have against this brand.


It’s true that FN doesn’t have the best quality 😫 and their models are actually quite short (5’2). So I’m not surprised everything looked longer on them and shorter in real life
Fashion Nova has clothes that fits the cute petite curvy, or “skinny thick” body types best. The problem is the cheap looking material and most items are very revealing.
I feel like the clothes give off a certain impression like “cheap and trying too hard”.(With the exception of certain pieces.) Like you mentioned about the material, I totally agree. I think in the long run, it’s better to invest in quality clothing with timeless styles that will out live fast fashion.

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Wearing revealing clothes can never be beneficial

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