The United States continues to put its grubby greedy hands on economies that don’t belong to it.

All they do is cause chaos and poverty.

They provide benefits and subsidies in the West yet advise Nigeria to pull all help to it’s citizens. All this to swoop in and take that which does not rightfully belong to them.

Subsidies are provided by both federal or national governments and local governments. The United States is technically a free market, but direct subsidies provided by the U.S. government influence market prices and economic growth greatly.

FACT: The West needs Africa to be improverished to keep growing.
FACT: The Dangote refinery deal stinks of the West and it’s shenenigans it’s nothing to be celebrated.
Aid is given to African countries strictly to keep repressive regimes in power full stop.

Is the Tinubu regime a repressive regime? (well read the excerpt below and determine for yourself)

ABC of Peter Obi(PO) and Atiku’s Prayers at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal(PEPT)

I can see that some BATists and OBIdients supporters do not understand what just played out over the last month in court.

To break it down so its clear.

These are PO and Atiku’s prayers.

All the prayers will be DETERMINED in the FINAL JUDGEMENT.

(Brief Summary of prayers pleaded in court) :

1. Eligibility

That It be determined that:

A) At the time of the Presidential Elections, 2nd & 3rd Respondents (Tinubu & Shettima) were unqualified to contest

What was tendered in court.

– BAT has multiple nationalities. Atiku’s witness presented his Guinean passport – *Fact*
Derisively BATs lawyer contended it had expired. Nationality does not expire with passport.

– BAT committed perjury by submitting a Chicago University degree that was shown to be forged – *Fact*
– Tinubu Bola A. Who was admitted to CSU for a degree was shown to be a woman and American citizen – *Notarized document shows the Tinubu Bola A. Is a woman and American citizen*
Let the courts decide

– Shettima was shown to have been nominated as VP, 4 days before he withdrew from the senate nomination.
– *Most people who are unaware point to the Supreme Court Judgement in May 2023. That merely threw out the case on a technicality*
– The technicality was that PDP challenged it, as a pre-election matter (can only be done by a fellow APC candidate. PO and Atiku can only challenge it as a post election matter.
– Let the PEPT tribunal decide this incontrovertible fact.

B) All the votes recorded to Tinubu were wasted due to qualification/disqualification of Tinubu and Shettima

– See above

C) On the basis of the remaining votes (after discountenancing Tinubu and Shettima) , Obi scored majority of the lawful votes cast in 2/3rd of the States And the FCT, therefore met the requirements to be declared winner

– *This proof was submitted in the documents and evidence filed before the PEPT. That was why INEC and APC fought their own CTC documents*
– LP lawyers submitted their written arguments and are not required to plead it in court. Thats why you never heard much about it. They only submitted INEC CTC of the forms EC8A, EC8B, EC8C,and EC8D to the burtress their asertions.
– In addition PO challenged the results of 32 states including Abuja, where his votes were under counted.
– *Once these votes are fully allocated to him, and votes removed from BAT, it will become apparent he won the popular vote and met the spread requirements*

2) 25% in Abuja
That it be determined that Tinubu failed to score 25% in the FCT hence ought not to have been declared winner.
– *Supreme Court in 2007 held that 25% of Abuja is a sine qua none. Thus BAT n Atiku cannot be declared as winners*

3) In Alternate, a Fresh Election

Order the cancellation of the elections and order INEC to conduct a fresh one that Tinubu & Shettima shall not participate in

– *This will only happen if BAT is disqualified and PO can not be declared absolute winner due to PO not meeting the spread (25% in 2/3 states).*
Atiku cannot be declared winner since he didn’t get 25% in Abuja*

4) Alternatively, that they get elected by majority of lawful votes cast

That it be determined that

A) That Tinubu was not duly elected by a majority, therefore his declaration as winner is unlawful, unconstitutional and of no effect

B) Based on the valid votes cast, Obi scored the highest number of votes in 2/3rd of the States and the FCT and ought to be declared winner

C) An order directing INEC to issue Certificate of Return to Obi as duly elected President be issued

In Further Alternative to 1-4 Above:

5) Void

A) That the Presidential elections conducted on Feb 25th, 2023 is void on the grounds that it was not conducted in accordance to the Electoral Act 2022 and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended

– *This was shown by INECs shenanigans*

B)Order the cancellation of the Presidential Elections and order INEC to conduct fresh Presidential Elections.

– *Only comes in, if PO cannot be declared absolute winner. Only LP and PDP will contest this*

I’ve taken my time to explain all this, as I can see most people are actually ignorant of what happened at the PEPT.








Do not remain ignorant or the West will continue to enslave you

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