The Curious Case of Global Warming Narratives: A Scam or Truth?

If there’s one thing certain about the world, it’s that chaos creates capital. Political agendas, sensationalized news, and beautifully packaged narratives – this is the time-tested trifecta that spins the wheels of commerce and society. One notable narrative that’s been relentlessly pushed by governments and influencers with an almost ungodly persistence is that of “global warming.” Are they truly crusaders for the Earth, or is this all just another gorgeously wrapped scheme to fill pockets and control minds?

Unsurprisingly, the answer isn’t that simple. Global warming – or climate change as it’s more accurately called – is a real issue. The suffering of our planet isn’t some made-up dystopian horror story; it’s an ever-present reality. There’s no disputing that. The polar ice is melting, sea levels are rising, and species are going extinct. What’s being questioned here isn’t the existence of the issue, but the manipulated narratives around it.

Firstly, the troubling commercialization of climate change. A hip, happening influencer ‘going green’ while sporting a designer, eco-friendly brand those angsty, overflowing landfills would cringe at! The business of climate change has become stylish, superficial, corporations jumping on the bandwagon just to show how “planet-friendly” they can be, while in the background emitting toxins and maintaining low sustainability standards.

Secondly, the imposing of rash, ill-planned policies by governments worldwide. Draconian green mandates, squeezing businesses that can’t afford the immediate switch to sustainable alternatives or the punishing carbon taxes. Yes, enforcing sustainable practices is important but bulldozing industries isn’t the way.

Thirdly, the narrative conveniently sidesteps the major culprits; the top 100 companies which are responsible for 71% of the global GHG emissions. Instead, we see an overt focus on making individuals feel guilty for not recycling their soda cans or driving their petrol cars. It becomes a game of distorting perceptions – diverting attention from real problems to endorse mass-produced guilt and anxiety.

Truthfully, the global warming narrative were being served reeks of manipulation. It’s been packaged into a sellable product, a hip bandwagon, an avenue for virtue signaling, and stealthily, an instrument of control. It’s a saga of scapegoating small businesses and individuals rather than confronting the actual perpetrators.

But, let that not be misinterpreted as a call to disregard the climate crisis. Undeniably, we are torch bearers for the next generations. It’s our responsibility to protect and preserve our planet. The problem lies not with the cause but the misguided, profit-driven narratives that paint a skewed picture.

It’s time for a revolution. Not just a ‘green’ one, but an intellectual one. It’s time to critically examine the narratives we’re constantly fed and start demanding transparency, responsibility, and authentic leadership from our government and influencers. Our planet deserves better, and so do we.

In the words of Martin Luther, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. The global warming story is our challenge and controversy. Where will you stand?








Truthfully, the global warming narrative we're being served reeks of manipulation. It's been packaged into a sellable product, a hip bandwagon, an avenue for virtue signaling, and stealthily, an instrument of control

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