Were Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair the ultimate soulmates, or television’s most toxic couple?

Many fans of Gossip Girl will argue that it is an indisputable fact that Chuck is Blair’s OTP. And while there are many reasons as to why Chuck is her “One True Pairing”, there is a case to make for some of the other characters from the show. Blair dates a few other contenders, one of them being an actual Prince, but somehow she keeps going back to this bad boy with good fashion taste.

Maybe if she got over her infatuation with Chuck she could have been happy with somebody else and save herself all the drama her path to Chuck brought. But perhaps Blair thrived on the chaos Chuck brought to her life and only belongs with him. Read on to form your own opinion of whether or not Chuck was perfect for Blair or if she should have chosen one of the guys below instead.

Perfect For Blair: They Were Both Broken In The Same Ways

A lot of flaws that both of these characters share are selfishness, arrogance and weird kinks which help them understand what makes the other person and not judge them when they engage in these behaviors. One of the best episodes that epitomize their weird alikeness is in the Season 3 premiere, “Reversals of Fortune” when they engage in a role-playing game they invented to keep their romance interesting.

In the game, Chuck seduces a woman while Blair watches from afar only to swoop in and berate the woman and then getting hot and heavy with Chuck once the woman scurries away. The fact that they both get something out of this says something about them.  This is an odd activity that could only be enjoyed by the likes of these two and something Blair would never be able to explain to another guy.

Alternative Romance: Jack Bass

As he is related to him, Jack  Bass possessed a lot of the same vain qualities that attracted Blair to Chuck. He is arrogant and rich and a savvy businessman. He may lack Chuck Bass’s signature charm, but he makes up for that in his maturity. He could have given Blair what Chuck could not have, especially in Season 3 when he was a loose cannon and nearly lost the company. Jack saved him then and he would be more responsible, making sure to provide for Blair the lifestyle she was accustomed to while also keeping things interesting since he can’t stay away from causing a little chaos.

Perfect For Her: He Changed For Her

Chuck did change in ways and simmer down a bit once he realized his behavior was causing him to lose Blair for good. He didn’t know the meaning of the word faithful but when Blair was around, he saw no one else. She was the only one that allowed him to see that there was a benefit in helping other people, as whenever he helped her succeed he actually felt the same joy he would feel as if it was himself succeeding.

Alternative Romance: Prince Louis Grimaldi

Blair always considered herself a princess so it must have been a dream come true to actually be proposed to by a real-life prince. Blair’s great taste and demeanor would have made her perfectly suited for the royal life, but alas, she left the Prince because she couldn’t quite let go of her old life and her love for Chuck. But, maybe if she could have let go of Chuck she could have actually been quite happy in this life.

Perfect For Her: He Loved Her Unconditionally

When most people looked at Blair they saw her on the same level as an evil lava monster. But when Chuck looked at her he saw a goddess. He loved her for who she was, unlike most her exes who seemed to love her in spite of who she was. Chuck loved Blair exactly the way she was and saw her as perfection that should never change. He loved her truly with no conditions.

Alternative Romance: Carter Baizen

In the season two episode “The Age of Dissonance” Blair, after finding out that her dreams of going to Yale have been dismantled, ends up drinking alone at a bar. Along comes bad boy Carter Baizen and the two begin a sexual relationship.

Although his fling with Blair is short-lived and Carter is more known for his relationship with Serena, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Blair and he ever gave a relationship a serious go.

Perfect For Her: He Supported Her Dreams

Chuck saw so much potential in Blair and believed in her every step of the way. He couldn’t stand to see her disappointed and even manipulated situations to make her a winner no matter what, or at least think she was. He stuffed the ballot box for prom queen with her name so she would win and paid a photographer to call out to her and photograph her at an event so as to make her think she was relevant. He always wanted her to see herself the way he did, even if he had to use his charm and money to force the world to help him make her dreams come true.

Alternative Romance: Nate Archibald

Nate was Blair’s first love. He’s the sweetest guy and always has the best intentions at heart. He is a truly good guy and would never hurt Blair. When they got back together, Blair was really happy and even let down her spikes a bit when she was with him. He’s the good guy she really should have given more of a chance instead of always putting him back in the friend zone.

Perfect For Her: They Were Constantly Drawn Back To Each Other

No matter how each season of Gossip Girl started, at some point within every one of the 6 seasons, Chuck and Blair were together. They were like magnets, constantly being drawn back to each other. No matter who they were with, the other was constantly on their mind or used to compare their current love to. Of course, no one ever compared and it seems never will.

Alternative Romance: Dan Humphrey

It could be argued that these two were just paired together as a way to boost ratings and switch up the show, but the unlikely pairing of Dan and Blair as seen in season 5 actually worked in many ways and their banter was quite entertaining. Dan seemed to bring out a lot of Blair’s pleasant qualities and gave her an appreciation for the simpler things in life. And she actually helped Dan gain confidence in himself and loosen up. If the two could have let go of their feelings for Chuck and Serena respectively, they could have actually made something special and wholesome.







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We wanted Chuck and Blair to end up together more than We wanted to know who the gossip girl was When most people looked at Blair they saw her on the same level as an evil lava monster. But when Chuck looked at her he saw a goddess

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