Bali is a fantastic honeymoon destination. The tropical paradise of Bali was made for lovers. The main benefits of Bali as a honeymoon destination are the drop dead gorgeous scenery, the interesting and exotic culture, and the relatively low cost for such an amazing island paradise.
The only real drawback to Bali is its popularity and high volume of tourists. – But No worries! There are lots of secluded spots that have impossible beauty, exotic charm, and are perfect for a honeymoon or any romantic getaway. Bali has a huge number of amazing (and crowded) attractions. You might as well see them while you’re there, but we have some tips for finding more seclusion – and more romance.

Tip 1 – Get a Private Villa for less than $100 US per night. – The super low prices for private villas in Bali will shock you. These villas are stunningly gorgeous, completely secluded, and have uber luxurious amenities – like private pools or ocean views. Prices vary by season, but we have always been able to find a wonderful private villa for less than $100/night – usually around $50–60/night. At similar locations like Hawaii or Fiji the prices can be like 10 times more. You could save several thousands of dollars on accommodation alone – and you’ll feel like royalty! However if you are looking for the top of the line places to stay here are some recommendations.

For lush villas we recommend:

Alila Villas Uluwatu
Poised on 100-metre high cliffs on the Bukit Peninsula, the Alila Villas Uluwatu is one of the most visually-striking hotels in the world. Villas are vast, voguish and come with private swimming pools while facilities include a spectacular 50-metre infinity pool, a glamorous spa, and two tip-top restaurants.
Rate: from £545/night

Bambu Indah
This is the consummate south-east Asian eco-retreat; small, scenic, and almost entirely sustainable. On arrival, the first thing you’ll notice is the stress-melting view of a lime, moss, and parakeet-green valley veiled in golden sunshine and dotted with coolie-wearing rice farmers.
Rate: from £101 per night

The purist villas
Flanked by tropical fronds, The Purist Villas’ indoor-outdoor spaces flaunt artefacts from all over the archipelago. The contemporary architecture uses natural materials and a layout reminiscent of Bali’s stepped rice fields has been created—17 incredibly stylish suites are layered at different levels in Ubud’s jungle.
Rate: from £164/night

One of the longest established and most elegant hotels in Bali. Set within the lush green grounds, overlooking the Ayung River, are a selection of simple yet sophisticated villas, all with pretty garden courtyards, chic separate living rooms and indulgent indoor/outdoor bathrooms. Some also have large private pools.
Rate: from £646/night

Mandapa, a Ritz Carlton ReserveSoori Bali
Like its Sanskrit namesake, Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve offers hotel guests a “temple” of their own, a sanctuary for inner exploration and tranquility. Set along the Ayung River in Bali’s cultural heart of Ubud, the hotel offers luxury, butler-attended villas and suites.
Rates: from £476/night

Hoshinoya Bali
Ubud’s hidden retreat in Balinese water garden. Luxury villas with stunning views over world heritage rice terrace.
Rate: from £185/night

Four seasons resort Bali at Sayan
Rising out of rice fields above the Ayung River, the Four Seasons Sayan is a sophisticated tropical resort offering swish facilities, sterling service and experiences to remember, from biking through local villages to art tours and beautiful Balinese healing rituals.
Rate: from £409/night

Everything you dream about for a wellness holiday in Bali: a beautiful retreat in a river valley, a huge bath alongside a river, an outdoor shower in a private garden, a restaurant serving delicious vegan food, and a spa offering massages and cleansing treatments.
Rate: from £237/night

Como Shambhala Estate

The reigning queen of Bali, and a key player globally when it comes to destination spas. Few places do it better. The setting is knockout, the yoga top-notch and the fitness classes double as glorious sightseeing tours, incorporating cycle rides through the paddy fields and treks up smoking volcanoes
Rate: from £439/night

Tip 2 – Find a Romantic Waterfall – Bali has some amazing waterfalls. Tegenungan Falls is one of the biggest and most famous – but it can get noisy, crowded and be less than romantic. Consider Kembar Falls near Sambangan village. It is not as big and impressive, but it is more remote and romantic for sure.

Tip 3 – Escape the Sunset Crowds at a Sea Temple – Bali has some of the most picturesque and scenic sea side temples – Tanah Lot and Uluwatu are the best of the bunch. The only problem is huge crowds. You can still enjoy a romantic sunset and some (relative) alone time at these popular attraction by sacrificing the “best” viewing spots. At both Tanah Lot and Uluwatu, you’ll be able to escape the crowds and find secluded spots to enjoy some of the most romantic sunsets of our lives. At Uluwatu, there is more than a mile of scenic, sheer cliffs. It’s not that hard to find a quiet spot away from everyone else. You may not be able to get the perfect photo, but it will still be an amazing memory. At Tanah Lot it is a bit more complicated, but you should be able to find a nearby deserted beach.

Tip 4 – Find a Secluded Countryside Restaurant – Bali has some stunning beachside dining. These can be awesome, but we recommend finding a secluded countryside restaurant too. These don’t get as much press or traffic as the more popular restaurants, but the ambiance, food, and romance are some of the best you’ll experience at Bali. One of our favorites is Batuan Resto, near the town of Batuan (and the famous Batuan Temple). After a visit to the temple, be sure to stop by for a romantic lunch. Batman Resto is set in the middle of a rice field. The whole place is basically a big, lush tropical garden. They also have private gazebos surrounded by fountains and ponds -for an even more romantic dining experience. The quality is amazing and the prices are cheap.

Tip 5 – Get a Couples Mud Bath – Balinese massage is world famous and Bali has tons of wonderful and affordable spas. Our favorite is the mud bath at Sari Health Resort in Ubud. They use volcanic mud from the near by mountains. It’s supposed to be filled with all these minerals and nutrients. We don’t know if that actually makes a difference, but it feels great. It is also super fun to rub mud on each other and gaze at the gorgeous scenery.

Tip 6 – Stroll Through Jatiluwih Rice Terraces – Bali has some amazing rice terraces. Tegalalang is the most famous and popular, but again, the big crowds can dampen the romantic appeal. We prefer Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. They are gorgeous and you will hardly see other people. You could stroll around in that breathtaking setting, chat, sneak a few kisses, and have a memorable romantic day.

Tip 7 – Go for a tandem Parasail – most of the parasailing at Bali is single rides. These are cheaper, but they go by so fast. The guides also rush you through pretty quickly. Tandem Parasailing is the way to go for a romantic time. It cost a bit more, but not so much – and its worth it. You get a boat ride further out to sea, then you spend about 20–25 minutes in the air – hand in hand – enjoying the world class coastline together.
These are just a few tips about how to make a honeymoon or any romantic getaway more secluded and romantic.

Source Linda Nederkoorn, creator of the longhouse, Jimbaran Bali

This is how you enjoy a secluded kiss

Why Bali is the ultimate honeymoon destination
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Breathing Him in and He, You

Why Bali is the ultimate honeymoon destination
Source: by: @travspringer @kinseygolden

The tropical paradise of Bali was made for lovers.

Why Bali is the ultimate honeymoon destination
Source: by: @travspringer @kinseygolden

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