When I worked at Morgan Stanley there was this guy, Tim, an MD who was on at least a couple of US$ million a year, who drove a 15 year old BMW 3-series convertible.
I asked him why he drove a “piece of junk”. I remember his answer really well. “I don’t need a car to make up for my insecurities. I have personality.”
Now, this guy did indeed bring more personality and energy to the trading floor than anyone else I’ve known.
But his comment made me think hard about my own obsession with cars.
Many years on I’ve come to this conclusion – in general, humans are deeply driven by insecurities, and guys that are obsessed with driving flash cars tend to have this obsession because they’re insecure.
Cars are the most visible display of wealth and success, and, frankly, that is the main reason why most guys obsess over them.
Which is why I find those that drive around in cars well below their means a sign of security, a sign of being at ease with themselves – which is a really beautiful and attractive quality.

By Asim Qureshi

A luxury car is the most visible display of wealth

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