Who is Slaylebrity Voronina Valeria with over 1.7 Million fans on Tik Tok?
That’s the question on everyone’s damn mind.

People can’t believe She’s the same person when She does her makeup – it’s called being a catfish.

Valeria Voronina went viral on social media for her shocking transformations.
Valeria Voronina, who is a great makeup artist, has had people questioning whether she is the same person at all.

The blue-eyed beauty who appears to be from Eastern Europe took to TikTok to shut down a follower who claimed her and before were two different people.

In the first part of the clip, Valeria appeared with her hair undone and her baby hairs in complete disarray.
She also proudly showed off her uneven skin and frowned at the camera while sitting down on her couch in a hoodie.

However, in a sudden change of scene, Valeria looked like a completely different person after she did her makeup.
The social media star had gone from being a blonde to a brunette and her eyes were a brighter blue.
Her baby blues were then framed with thick eyelashes, her skin completely smoothed by makeup, and her pout plump in red lipstick.

Valeria’s nose also appeared much slimmer and her jaw was chiseled.

Lastly, her clothes had changed to a more glam outfit of red feathers.
Following her video, many applauded her for her makeup skills and even suggested making a video where she only had one side of her face done to shut down the non-believers.
One person wrote: “That’s just called catfishing.”
A second person asked if she could do her makeup on camera so they could, for once, confirm it was indeed her.

And a third added: “It’s literally not the same person.”

We think she does special effects makeup on the old looking version of her.

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats

Social Fans: 1.7 Million +
EST Networth: $100,000+

Voronina Valeria is actually a singer

In this clip you can see Voronina Valeria with her Mother she has good genes

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Source The Sun

Next level shape shifting!

Source: @ValeriaVonina

When you can literally change your mood at any moment

Source: @ValeriaVonina

This is Voronina with her Mom clearly she’s got good genes

Source: @ValeriaVonina

Which leads us to believe ‪The older version is the fake her she’s done it with special effects makeup‬

Source: @ValeriaVonina

‪But this has us shook!‬

Source: @ValeriaVonina

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