Discover How Victoria Paris Grew a 1 Million Cult of Followers on TikTok!

22 yr old Victoria Paris made her account on TikTok to promote her Depop store, but gained more than 800,000 followers in less than four months and became one of the fastest-growing content creators on the platform with more than one million followers.
The TikTok vlogger posts about 30 videos in a day vlogging her daily life in New York City.

Paris recently signed with Range Media Partners (owned by Zac Efron) in all areas, and the management company released a statement praising her unapologetic unfiltered personality. They also added that without using gimmicks, good lighting and clickbait, Paris has succeeded in making every day look extraordinary by engaging her audience at every step of the way.
So Who is Victoria Paris REALLY?
Victoria Paris is a TikTok influencer who became successful on the platform in just four months through her intimate connection, honesty, openness and transparency with her audience. After losing her job and ending a relationship, Paris moved to New York City in the middle of the pandemic and started her TikTok account to promote her Depop store but found her passion in making videos.

Paris uploads about 30-50 videos in a day about a variety of subjects like sustainable fashion, positive relationship among others.
In an interview with Strike Magazines, Paris talked about being a TikTok influencer and said that she has always hated the word influencer as she never really understood it. She also further said that she thinks that most of the stuff on social media is fake as most of the influencers are out of touch and don’t understand their audiences.

I think that’s why it’s so important to me to make people feel seen and make room for discussion and genuine connection,” said Paris. The TikTok star mainly talks about shopping ethically and eating sustainability on her TikTok page and believes that it is important for people to understand its importance.
She also hams hard on responding to comments.

One things for sure this is no ordinary Tik Tok lottery winner.

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I’m not a creative person I’m a consistent person.

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