The Netflix Selling Sunset Riches – Let’s Unravel Who’s Balling the Hardest!

Yo, fam! It’s Slay Entertainment concierge back at it again, here to spill the tea on who’s stacking that Netflix money like nobody’s business. We all know the Selling Sunset ladies have been making waves in the real estate game, but do we really know who’s securing the bag the hardest? Buckle up, because I’m about to break down the ultimate Netflix rich list, and you won’t believe who’s sitting on top!

1. Chrishell Stause: $6 million
Kicking off our list is our girl Chrishell, who has managed to rake in a whopping $6 million. Talk about making it rain! With her stunning charisma and killer real estate skills, Chrishell has shown us she’s not just a pretty face. From iconic red carpet appearances to her incredible success in the residential market, she’s got it all going for her.

2. Bre Tiesi: $6 million
Tied at the top is the gorgeous Bre Tiesi, who’s also rocking a $6 million net worth. She’s not to be underestimated, my friends. This queen has made her name known not only through her appearances on Selling Sunset but also as an Instagram sensation. Bre knows how to work the camera, and with her stunning looks and undeniable hustle, success is just another day in her fabulous life.

3. Christine Quinn: $3 million
Coming in hot at number three is none other than the queen of drama, Christine Quinn. Love her or hate her, this fierce lady has carved out a spot for herself in the real estate world, and she’s reaping the benefits with a cool $3 million. With her iconic style, extravagant wedding, and captivating personality, Christine knows how to make a statement.

4. Heather Rae El Moussa: $3 million
Next up, we have the charismatic Heather Rae El Moussa, who’s sitting comfortably on a $3 million net worth. As a real estate powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with, Heather is proof that success runs in her blood. Teaming up with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa for some mutually profitable business moves, this girl knows how to make those dollar bills multiply.

5. Mary Fitzgerald: $1-2 million
Claiming the fifth spot is the ever-smiling and hustling Mary Fitzgerald with an estimated net worth ranging from $1-2 million. Don’t let her cheerful demeanor fool you; Mary knows how to maneuver the real estate game like a boss. With her keen eye for design and an extensive clientele, she’s inching closer to that million-dollar mark.

6. Amanza Smith: $1 million
Our girl Amanza Smith is rocking the sixth position with a solid $1 million in her bank account. Known for her incredible background as an interior designer, Amanza is making a name for herself in the high-stakes world of real estate. Her impeccable taste and undeniable work ethic have earned her a spot on this lucrative list.

7. Chelsea Lazkani: $500,000
Last but not least, we have Chelsea Lazkani, who’s starting her real estate empire with an impressive $500,000. Don’t let the number fool you; Chelsea is hungry for success, and her fire is just getting started. Watch out, because this lady is sure to climb up the ranks in no time!

There you have it, folks – the ultimate Netflix Selling Sunset rich list! These ladies aren’t just selling million-dollar homes; they’re making million-dollar moves. From their stunning looks to their fierce determination, their net worth speaks volumes about their hustle and tenacity.

But remember, success isn’t just about the money. Each of these ladies has overcome obstacles, taken risks, and showcased their unique skills. So, let’s raise a glass to their achievements and get ready to witness more legendary moments on the next heart-stopping season of Selling Sunset. Stay tuned, because these queens are just getting started!

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Let's Unravel Who's Balling the Hardest!

Chrishell Stause: $6 million

Bre Tiesi: $6 million

Christine Quinn: $3 million

Heather Rae El Moussa: $3 million

Mary Fitzgerald: $1-2 million

Amanza Smith: $1 million

Chelsea Lazkani: $500,000

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