Slaylebrity Olesya Malinskaya is a Russian model living an amazing life! She’s a social media ‘it’-girl and owner of her own fashion label. This 31 year-old has accumulated a social media fan-base of over 1.8 million aspiring fashionistas yet her talents don’t stem from the typical glamorous careers.
First of all, how did she build her envy-worthy empire?

Olesya is a symbol of the Russian culture that ‘money was made to enjoy and show off’.

She set up her ‘Mallini Couture‘ fashion company with the help of her entrepreneurial boyfriend. The boutique specialises in dresses for every occasion. Prepare to drool all over these pics because they are just gorgeous!

The effortless fabrics and embellishments like the silk, the sequins, and the ruffles are almost too much to take in! Olesya is absolutely slaying the ‘occasion wear game’ thanks to these adorable creations.

There are some major perks to being the fashion director and owner of a label like this. It means having an infinite wardrobe of dreamy designs. With fabrics, colours, accessories, and a mind full of ideas, it seems like Mallini Couture x Slay Network is going to become an even bigger success!

Ultimately, Olesya claims to be a very spiritual person! She enjoys connecting with her inner self by traveling the world and bathing in the sun wearing designer goodies. Meanwhile, the rest of the World are working away and only dreaming of what could be! This Russian Slaylebrity model is living out most fantasies in the most luxurious locations and we are #MajorlyJealous.

On the other hand, cooking and indulging in vegan food is another thing to add to her long list of hobbies!
Having a busy lifestyle means that Olesya enjoys cutting out meat and dairy in her diet. This is because it helps her to feel more energized. From wild algae to goji berries and even bee pollen there are many amazing vegan superfoods she indulges in to look super amazing and fabulous.

At the same time, she enjoys reading books such as John Kehoe’s ‘Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind’. Of course, this is one of her faves because it is all about mysteries of lives and human potential.
In conclusion, it’s no wonder she has become so successful. John gives his readers encouragement with wellness, love, and destiny so maybe this author is the source of all her wisdom?

However, Olesya’s rise to the top of her game in Russia hasn’t all been one smooth ride. She has ironically been accused of undergoing plastic surgery! Some people think she has worked on her face because she allegedly looks younger than before.
She finally admitted to a boob job but even so, body image is a personal and private issue. In times like these, Olesya relies on the comfort of her best friend, Dasha Kononvich, since their 8-year friendship means they are always around to support each other.

Similarly, Dasha is another Slaylebrity Russian model and influencer! These ladies have built such a strong relationship because they spend their time attending glamorous events side-by-side and working on their fitness together. Of course, they are #besties, who wouldn’t want to share the glitz and the glamour with their closest gal pal?

This Russian ‘it’-girl has made an amazing life for herself and she is a beautiful symbol of the fact that some dreams really do come true!
We hope you that you feel as inspired by Olesya as most do because her success journey is truly motivational.

Olesya has surrounded herself with wealthy and influential men for a long time. Her first marriage with a young lawyer Anton Malinsky saved her from her life in Rostov oblast and gave her a beautiful last name. The new hometown Moscow offered Olesya many interesting opportunities, which were provided by generous gentlemen.
When Olesya shares her colorful pictures of herself and her blessings, she usually writes long stories that cover many different topics – including men and relationships. You can guess that a woman like her has incredibly high standards that she refuses to lower. However, the reality shows that like almost all other women, she is just looking for the one.

Two years ago she surprised everybody with her engagement pictures. Some people were happy for her and wished the young couple all the best, some people were bitter and disappointed that her new fiancé was not some old, fat and short sugar-daddy. The last kind of people were again disappointed when Olesya announced that they were officially married.
Even though Olesya’s boyfriend probably knew, who he was going to marry and how much his true love likes to post pictures on social media, he didn’t let Olesya reveal his identity at first. However, pictures from behind, tiger stickers and shadows covering his face are not an obstacle for people, who are really interested in Olesya’s personal life. It is a small world, so nobody should be surprised that everything was dug up about him.
This is the part, where everybody were shocked again. Is this really the man of her dreams? What happened? This young beautiful woman, who is so widely known for her luxurious lifestyle, high standards, extravagance and glamour, chose this kind of guy?

The mystery husband was 23 years old (now 26 yrs) Alexandr Zarankin, who is from Rostov on Don, which is not far from a place, where Olesya herself originally comes from. When he met Olesya, he hadn’t lived in Moscow not even a year. Nevertheless, he was lucky enough to run into Olesya Malinskaya herself in an upscale gym. Alexandr’s occupation remains a mystery, but people speculate that he owns a coffee-shop in Moscow that doesn’t bring much of an income, so his parents are still providing for him. Of course as a youngling he still has time to redeem himself but considering that this guy has an ex-wife and a child back in his old hometown, he should be working hard to provide for both his child and his luxurious new wife.
There are of course different theories what-why-how, but only time can tell how everything is going to turn out.

Slaylebrity Networth Stats
$1 Million – $5 Million

For PR call +79261255643

No one does Dark N Sexy like Olesya!

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