Broke to 40 Million USD by age 20, Jared Goetz is not your average millennial.

Jared Goetz is a serial entrepreneur who is most known for his success building multiple seven-figure e-commerce stores and his creation of the eCom Hacks Academy, one of the largest e-commerce education platforms worldwide. Since creating the second-fastest growing Shopify store of 2017, Jared has earned exposure to coveted entrepreneurs and has grown his network to include hundreds of like-minded and successful individuals. His rise to the top of the e-commerce world has landed him marquee media placements across well-regarded publishers such as Entrepreneur, Inc., CBNC, Forbes, and more.
Coming from humble beginnings, Jared has made it his mission to utilize the skills and relationships he’s developed and utilize them to better serve his community, which includes his eCom Hacks Academy members and robust social media following.
In addition to his impressive continuing run as a business owner and operator, Goetz is also an avid golfer, world-traveler, having visited over 30 countries, and food enthusiast on the lookout for unique and rare cuisines. He’s also a proud doggy dad to a three-year-old Weimaraner named Nula.

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Not achievable by your average millennial

Yes he owns a Lambo

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