Interview: Influencer Franziska Nazarenus on Creativity, Fashion and Working in Paris

The content creatrice has always had a soft spot for the famous Ville Lumière on the Seine. In future, she will explore and report on the fashion metropolis for L’Officiel Austria.

Of course we need to know: Why Paris? 
Franziska Nazarenus: “That is really a very good question, which I can answer quite simply. It was and is my absolute dream to live in Paris. Films like The Fabulous World of Amelie or episodes of my beloved series Sex and the City and Gossip Girl showed me an idealized and romanticized version of the fashion capital. In addition, my great interest in fashion contributed significantly to this – Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, or Jane Birkin fascinated me a lot. This developed a certain curiosity to see and experience the metropolis with my own eyes.”
And when was the time finally right?
Franziska Nazarenus: “As chance would have it, I was allowed to study Fashion & Luxury Management in Paris for half a year in mid-2017 for a semester abroad. Here I not only deepened my fashion knowledge but also explored Paris as a fashion addict.”
What is everyday life like in Paris and what should you be prepared for if you want to live in the city? 
Franziska Nazarenus: “Life takes place outside. In general, the flats are rather small, which is why people meet in cafés, restaurants or parks. What I observe again and again and really appreciate about the way of life here is that many people enjoy the beauty of the moment. No hurry for anything, but living completely in the here and now. It starts at the checkout in the supermarket and ends at the evening wine with friends. The only big downside is that the fashion capital is very costly – be it the flat, eating out, or shopping.”
What do you like to do when you’re out and about in Paris? 
Franziska Nazarenus: “Paris has so, so much to offer culturally. If you are interested in fashion, for example, you can visit exciting exhibitions every day, e.g. at the Musée Galliera, or follow in the footsteps of great designers. I love going to places where fashion greats like Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, or Karl Lagerfeld have frequented.

How does it feel to be an influencer in the world’s biggest fashion city? 
Franziska Nazarenzs: “I can’t generalise that. I think that life as an influencer depends a lot on the way you work. I report on Paris, the timeless and effortlessly elegant French style, and tell fashion stories from the city of fashion. If, for example, a topic like “The most famous cafés in Paris”, which we will soon publish on, is planned as a storyline for Instagram, then it is my job to really get to know the places. That’s why I read a lot, talk to people and visit the spots. Overall, for me, it’s a mix of a lot of desk work and exercise in the fresh air.”
At what time should you definitely have seen Paris?
Franziska Nazarenus: “Every season has its own charm. Spring is the perfect time to admire the beautiful parks. I love walking through the Jardin du Luxembourg and being inspired by the idyllic atmosphere. Summer shines with great events. For example, during the French national summer holidays, the city organises Paris-Plages (English: Paris beaches) – a public event on the Seine where many activities and festivities take place.”
How do you experience Paris in autumn?
Franziska Nazarenus: “Autumn is the perfect season for strolling. If you’ve ever seen the colourful avenues with the discoloured leaves in the Jardin des Tuileries live, you’ll understand me. Besides, Paris Fashion Week takes place between the end of September and the beginning of October. Even as a tourist, it’s exciting to experience all the hubbub around the big shows of the haute couture fashion houses up close. Winter in Paris always fascinates me with the dreamlike Christmas decorations. Place Vendôme or Grand Magasins like Galeries Lafayette Haussmann with their grandiosely decorated shop windows invite you to stroll around.”

Meet the fashion crowd at Loulou Paris and Hôtel Costes”
Paris is full of trendy hotspots: Which one is the hottest right now? 
Franziska Nazarenus: “Two shops immediately come to mind: LouLou Paris in the Musée des Arts décoratifs and Le Costes in the Hôtel Costes of the same name. The LouLou is only a few steps away from the Louvre. Especially the outdoor area, surrounded by greenery and with a view of La Tour Eiffel, invites you to linger. In addition, it is not uncommon to enjoy pizza or pasta and mock famous personalities. I remember a press event where Gigi Hadid and Virgil Abloh sat at our neighboring table. Le Costes is one of the hottest restaurants in the fashion crowd. Many luxury brands hosted dinners at the popular Hôtel Costes. The atmosphere is really mystical, the food good and the company special.”
 Fashion Week is one of the craziest times in Paris: what’s the best way to experience it as an influencer? 
Franziska Nazarenus: “The best way to experience Fashion Week is to be invited to shows and events, of course. The bigger the community, the better the positioning, and the more contacts you have, the more likely you are to be part of the illustrious company. It really is a very exclusive affair that only very few influencers have access to. I hope that one day I will have the honour of attending a show of the big haute couture fashion houses – if that should happen, I can certainly answer your question better.”

Of all the spots you’ve seen of Paris on Instagram, which is the best?
Franziska Nazarenus: “Since you explicitly ask for spots on Instagram, I will of course tell you a place with a view of the Eiffel Tower: the peaceful side street Avenue de Camoëns. Charming Haussmann buildings form a frame and direct your gaze directly to the landmark.”

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