From Taxi Driver to Crypto millionaire…

MMCrypto (Christopher Jaszczynski) is a German cryptocurrency expert with a net worth of $100 million. He is the creator behind one of the most popular YouTube crypto channels, an impressive feat considering how competitive the industry is. His story from being a taxi driver to a millionaire is one that people should hear about.

Life Before Success
Before all the fame and riches, Chris was just a random guy driving a taxi for a living. This was more than four years ago, but his interest in cryptocurrency started earlier than that. It was around 2014/ 2015 when he first heard about crypto, but he was initially hesitant.
However, because he studied economics and had advanced knowledge of financial markets. That’s why he decided to give the entire concept of digital money a second chance. He combined his learnings from college with his interest in futuristic money to create a plan.

But unlike many success stories involving crypto, he didn’t do it alone. He had a team behind his back. It included Kerim Dolan, Davinci “DavinciJ15” Jeremie, Anup Dhungana, Samundra Bhusal, and Marcel Schlack.
Personal Life and Education
As the popularity of MMCrypto continues to rise, more and more people are curious about the personal affairs of Christopher Jaszczynski. Sad to say, there is not much information available on the web. There’s also nothing yet about his love life.
But Chris is open about other things, like his education. He graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2015 with a degree in Investment Management.
In 2017, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences awarded him a degree in Applied Economics. He studied Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia the same year. He started working on his master’s degree in Management and Economics at the University of Münster in 2019.

Currently the 26 year old lives in the United Arab Emirates. A lot of crypto entrepreneurs such as Carl Runefelt are now living in the UAE to avoid paying hefty tax bills on their profits.

YouTube Career
Christopher believed that the best way to deliver their message to the people is none other than YouTube. This is why MMCrypto was created, and Chris was the face of it. The channel uploaded its first video on September 13, 2017.
Aside from the typical price analysis, the channel also covers economic trends, monetary policy, and other crypto topics discussed in lessons and expert interviews.
The channel is consistent with its uploads, releasing over 1,100 videos on the platform. As of 2022, MMCrypto has a total of 533,000 subscribers. His subscriber growth seems to be slowing down slightly.

Founding MMConsult
Jaszczynski led the group of six. They put their money into Bitcoin, altcoins, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). They had long-term holdings, but they decided to outplay the market by trading crypto at the same time.

It was a success. Thus, they decided to share insights with the general public. MMConsult was formed by Jaszczynski and his colleagues in 2017. They act as a network of consultants and investors who aim to contribute to the progress of blockchain projects.
They were among the first to use on-chain analysis to forecast the price of Bitcoin. For hundreds of thousands of their followers, Chris is now regarded as the head of the company.

Some questionable things to note

A warning for day traders: Missed out on a $11,000 profit following this guy MMCrypto on Twitter

Was going to sell the other day when BTC was 37,000ish and make myself a sweet 11,000 profit. All of a sudden, this MMCrypto guy came up on my feed on Youtube (heard of him before on Twitter) doing live stream. He was doing all sorts technical analysis saying how he thinks it is a small correction for a huge upcoming bounce. The video was surprisingly pleasant and informative, so I decided not to sell.
Turns out it didn’t bounce, then he tweeted that a price support formed at around 35,000ish, well okay guess you can say that but I missed out on 11,000 that would’ve been profited from the sell. Later, it started to drop like crazy, and he started a live stream what basically said relax, it is just doing some correction and for sure will bounce back and break all high again.
However, after the second live stream, the price went ever lower. I was chill until he tweeted “Exactly as Predicted” on the dip. I flipped out. This guy for two live streams claimed that he thinks it will bounce back, but now to save his ego, he claims the further dip was just as he predicted. Yea, he mentioned like for 3 seconds that he thinks the worst case scenario will be dropping to 20K, but all of a sudden those 3 second became his glory out of an hour long stream.
I have no one to blame for missing out on a profit, but I just can’t stand someone like this saying prices will go high, might go low, might even so sideways and then saying he’s never wrong. His analysis is good, but no one should believe all in analysis because a trade is about luck.

Most crypto youtubers (sadly) lack any trace of intelligence and integrity, they will say absolutely anything in their videos so as to seem smart and increase their click-through rate.

My advice (speaking from experience): ignore daily technycal analysis made by crypto influencers. It is all a ****show, smoke and mirrors.

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats

Social Fans: 552,000

EST Net Worth: $100 million +








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Just a couple of years ago 2017 to be precise this cat was slaving away as a taxi driver, today he is flexing with a super lavish home and several unaffordable to most luxury cars under his belt.

Source: @chrismmcrypto

He owns a plethora of enviable cars

Source: @chrismmcrypto

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