Slaylebrity Chip girl is a 30 year old Tok Tok influencer who has amassed over 1.5 Million followers for displaying her extremely affluent lifestyle. It seems that Chip girls real name is Burgundy Walker and she lives in Nevada Las Vegas.

Aside from Tik Tok revenue it’s not Clear how chip girl amazed so much wealth. She seems to have recently gotten married so it’s possible hubby is footing the gigantic bills.

Slaylebrity TikTok stars are hacking their bodies – should we join them?

Thanks to an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip implanted in her hand, “Chip Girl” can open the doors, drawers and cupboards in her house with just a flick of the wrist. Is the body modification worth it for the sake of never again worrying about losing your keys?

Chip Girl lives in an enormous, hugely techy “smart house”, with a gadget for all of their needs – think floating plant pots, touch-screen toasters, smart-phone activated suitcases, smart blankets, and a piano that plays itself. Chip Girl and her husband, Chip Guy, bought their house from a tech start-up founder, and they discovered the house’s doors needed key cards or fobs to open them. The solution Chip Girl and her husband, Chip Guy, came up with was to have chips inserted between their thumb and forefinger so that they would never again need to carry a key fob to get around their house.

You might have visions of high-tech laboratories and white coats when it comes to chip insertion, but that wasn’t Chip Girl’s experience. She bought her own RFID chip online, and took a trip to the only piercing specialist in their state that would insert it for her. (Perhaps don’t try this at home.) She and her husband have since hacked various other drawers and cupboards in their house, so that they are the only ones that can open them. That is to say, the chip was their solution to an initial problem, and they have since created more lockable gadgets to justify its existence.

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats

Social fans: 1.5 Million +
EST Net Worth: $100,000 +

Now you know why she is chip girl

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Next level affluence… know you are stupendously wealthy when you have an RFID in your body that controls your luxury mansion!

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Makeup extravagance

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living it up

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