At just the age of 13, Bailey Sok is killing it in the dance scene. She has been dancing since the age of 3 and has even performed alongside stars such as Janet Jackson. Bailey has aspirations of expanding her skill into multiple styles of dance while perfecting and choreographing current genres that she is comfortable with. Showcasing her dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm, we caught up with the miniBISH to see how she balances it all. Check out our conversation below with Bailey below!

You’ve been dancing from such a young age, how did you get into dance?
I have two older sisters and they used to compete in dance. My mom and I were always at the studio waiting for my sisters. The director told my mom to enroll me in class instead of just letting me sit there (I wasn’t quite 3 yet). So my mom put me in class and I loved it from that very first day!

What is your favorite style of dance and why?
I have been trained in all styles of dance since I started, so I feel a strong connection to all of them. If I had to choose one style I really love… it would have to be hip hop. I love the challenge of all different styles of hip hop, there is always something new to learn and improve on!

When you’re not dancing, what are you doing?
I’m usually training in dance and I don’t get a whole lot of free time. Although most of my time is consumed in hip hop training I try to do other styles too so I don’t get too rusty. Currently, I am focused on technical training and stretching. I love to go back to my roots and maybe choreograph a little. I also am trying to go back to the golf course and get that going again. I love to cook and do crafts too. I have so many things I’d love to do but there are not enough hours in the day!

Which dancers/choreographers do you look up to the most?
I have been very fortunate to be able to train with the best choreographers out there in the industry. Initially, I started to go to LA to train with Matt Steffanina. He taught summer intensive at my home studio (Dance Precisions) one summer when I was 5 years old. A few years later I saw one of his videos on YouTube and I wanted to train with him because I remembered him being a really nice guy! All the choreographers out there are super amazing and inspiring in their own way. There is so much to learn and I hope to grow as a dancer and person by working with them.

You’ve won many dance competitions, what would you say is your proudest accomplishment so far?
I have been very fortunate to have been a part of a very strong studio. I am very grateful for that experience. I have been privileged with many great opportunities but I’d have to say that my most proud moments thus far would be sharing the stage with Ms. Janet Jackson and being a part of the TV show DVT (Dance Video Throwdown) which aired on Lifetime TV but did not get picked up. This show was very special to me because all of my friends were on it and we had such an amazing time.

Tell us what we can look forward to seeing from you in the future.
Currently, I am still training in dance as often as I can. This year I would like to go back to the basics and train more in ballet and contemporary. I’ve found that I appreciate these types of dance more as I get older. I also am planning on taking up some acting classes and, of course, get out on the golf course more.

What hurdles have you come across when dancing and how have you overcome them?
I’ve found that dance and golf are extremely similar! You can NEVER perfect either one so the training never stops and it really is a way of life. Since I have been doing both all my life that is all I know. Every day I have hurdles that I try to overcome! I try to find a new challenge daily and focus on improving on a few things at a time. Every day is a push and grind for me but I love what I do!

How do you balance dance, school, your massive social media presence, and seeing family and friends?
I try to take it one day at a time. I have been attending public school and this past year I traveled a lot and missed a lot of days of school. Although I have been able to maintain my grades with my hectic schedule, it got to be too much for me. My average day would be to get out of school at almost 4 pm, go train, come home by midnight, take a shower, do my homework, and be in bed by 2 am. This year I will enter 8th grade and my parents finally let me be homeschooled so that I can get more done. I’m super excited but also nervous.

Any advice you can give to other young girls wanting to break into the dance industry?
I’m still trying to figure that out myself! Haha… if I were to give anyone advice it would be to just be consistent with your training. You really have to study yourself and be honest with yourself in your corrections. If you really love it, you will push through the hardest times and will realize that those challenging moments are the most rewarding.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
To me, MISSBISH means fashion, fun, and women empowerment. A one stop women’s magazine… I love it!!!

Who’s your MISSBISH? Tell us who she is and why she’s an inspiration to you.
Of course, my MISSBISH would be Beyoncé! She is EVERYTHING I strive to be… an amazing person, beautiful and sweet, extremely talented, and she has a unique sense of fashion! She is someone who inspires me in every way!

Bailey Sok is said to be already worth over 1 million USD, with over 960K insta followers on nearly 100K subscribers this is one fierce Slaylebrity to watch!

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