We women Need to build our sisterhood and stop shaming and hating each other and bringing each other down.

Gold-digger shaming has become a sexist trend! Originally created by misogynistic men, but now also heavily supported by other women. Where did the feminism spirit go? Why does society carry preference in controlling and shaming women so much? It’s time to speak up!

It’s ok if a rich man wants beautiful women, but a woman who has cared for herself and educated herself on what a man wants and tries to give him that, that’s not ok? Why? It’s the order of life. People get so huffy and puffy when it is even suggested that a woman plays a feminine role. To me, it boils down to a lot of jealousy, and a lot of judgement towards women; and sadly most of it is coming from women.

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Theres nothing wrong with wanting a man who can financially support you

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