Willie Walker is no ordinary 82 year old.

She is a body builder who continues to defy the odds when it comes to what the body is capable of after a certain age.

This lady has balls of steel at 82 and is not one to be messed with.

And don’t you dare break into her home.

An intruder didn’t count on an 82-year-old woman living alone being an award-winning weightlifter with nerves of steel.

Willie Murphy was getting ready for bed at her home in Rochester, New York, when a man pounded on the door and said he needed an ambulance, Murphy told WHAM.

She called police but wouldn’t open the door. Then, she said, the man broke in and skulked through the dark house.

“He picked the wrong house to break into,” Murphy said.

She clobbered him with a table, poured shampoo in his face and was beating him with a broom when police arrived.

“I was whaling on that man,” Murphy told the Democrat and Chronicle. “‘Cause I said to myself, ‘If it’s my time to go to hell, I’m taking him with me!'”

The man got his ambulance ride, after all. He was sent to a hospital, and police tweeted a selfie with Murphy, calling her “tough as nails.

Tough as nails indeed. Check her out in the video below doing press ups that will put you to shame.


Source NBC

So you thought you couldn’t be fit at over 80?

Think Again!

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