We conducted a quick survey to discover where the Worlds most beautiful African women originate and here’s what we found. First of all we will like to say that there is beauty everywhere, Africa is a large continent with a lot of diversity, there are light skin, dark skin, curly hair, kinky hair, straight hair, thin nose, flat nose, curvy and thin women in some countries, then there are the pale skin, Olive tone, blue eyes, red eyes, blonde hair, brunette hair in other countries. Hence this list should by no means be considered conclusive.

1. Ethiopian Women
2. Eritrean Women
3. Moroccan Women
4. Somalian Women
5. Sudanese Women
6. Angolan Women
7. Algerian Women
8. Egyptian Women
9. Congolese Women
10. Cape Verde Women
11. Rwandan Women
12. Burumdi Women
13. Togolese Women

Our top African beauty pick goes to Tina Kunakey from Togo!

Melanin Slay

Source: Bheebhee_x

Tina Kunakey from Togo and Italy

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Source: @Tunakunakey

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