I forget where this quote comes from, but it’s a good one: “A successful person gets what they want, but a happy person wants what they get.”
So, perhaps the life that is truly good is one that is both successful and happy.
But, it’s interesting: usually, people who are successful first must fail many times before they discover how to be successful. At the same time, most people who are happy have gone through a lot of sadness or discontent and heartache before they acheive lasting happiness in their lives. Therefore, to become successful and happy, much effort and faith and determination are necessary….for most people.
On the other hand, there are also some people who are specially blessed. But they are a small number. Happiness and success are easily attained by such lucky ones, and it almost seems like something magical happened to them on the day they were born! These people appear to glide through life, achieving both success and happiness without a great deal of effort or suffering.
For me, on a more practical level, in more direct and concrete terms, a good life is one that includes sharing love with other human beings, good health, laughter and joy on a regular basis, and a meaningful / rewarding work life in your adult years. Also, it should include an interest in pursuing education, learning new things and enriching the mind—whether or not one is enrolled in school, and taking courses…especially (for me) appreciation of music and culture (theater, sports, language and literature, cinema, etc.) Perhaps equally important is nurturing wonder, and “an attitude of gratitude” for the mystery and gift of life, which is an ongoing miracle every day that we’re alive!

People spend their entire lives working their asses off to buy stuff just so they can fit in with other people who are also working their asses off to buy stuff to fit in with someone else.” He thought that whole process was ridiculous.

“People are damn fool slaves to their stuff.”
“It’s ok to have stuff, but at some point your stuff begins to own you.”
Hmm, I can’t honestly say he was wrong.
Always laughing, always happy, always willing to share whatever he had, people knew him almost everywhere he went, he never asked anyone for anything, and he loved that dang ugly dog.
Seriously, the happiest man that I ever met.
I guess you can’t beat total freedom… and the love of an ugly dog. I guess that’s a good life.
Now I’m not saying that living in a shack is the life for everyone. I sure wouldn’t want to do it. But it sure seemed to work for him. But bigger, flashier, and more expensive isn’t always the path to happiness.

Source Nicholas Brian Lancaster

But bigger, flashier, and more expensive isn't always the path to happiness.

A successful person gets what they want, but a happy person wants what they get

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