* Duration: 10 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 96-127
* Difficulty: 3/5
* Equipment: Medicine Ball
* Training Type: Balance/Agility, Cardiovascular, Plyometric, Toning


The sport of volleyball requires strength, agility, high endurance, and precision.

The best volleyball workouts are going to be those that use strengthening exercises mimicking movements that actually happen on the court during a game. When you train to gain power in specific and applicable ranges of motion, you become a stronger player.

These volleyball exercises are not just for those who play the game – anyone can benefit from this routine. It is a total body toning workout and it burns a significant number of calories – what’s not to like about that?

How these volleyball exercises will improve your game or body composition:

Net Blocker Jumps – The side to side hopping tones inner and outer thighs and glutes (particularly if you stay low), and the jumping strengthens calves and can improve vertical. In terms of a volleyball workout, these emulate the action one uses while blocking at the front of the net, particularly when you have to quickly change directions when a setter has set to a hitter from a position you didn’t expect.

Self Sets – These are awesome for toning triceps & building hand-eye coordination. This volleyball exercise is not just for the setters; defensive specialist and hitters alike should know how to handle the ball well and be comfortable with setting (the same goes for setters being able to hit, etc).

Jumping Jacks + Pass position – This bodyweight cardio move blasts calories, engages all muscle groups, and firms up the glutes. This is a great exercise for volleyball players because going from jumping jacks to a squat/pass position resembles the quick movements needed to get to the ball and quickly set up in a proper passing position for maximum ball control.

Medicine Ball Slams – Build explosive upper body power with this exercise – if you don’t have a medicine ball you can substitute a volleyball. Focus on putting as much force behind the slam as possible, while still keeping the impact point close to your feet.

Heel Raise Squats – Use these to build strength in the legs for this often used position on the court. These also increase balance & control while keeping your bodyweight in the balls of your feet – which is essential for speed and quick direction changes.

Belly Burpees – Aside from burning a good deal of calories, these help to strengthen the muscles that you need to get up off the court floor fast after diving.

Medicine Ball Wall Tosses + Squats – Aim for a fluid motion in which you push up from your squat and toss the MB by the time you’ve reached the top of that motion. The same goes for catching the MB; you should already be on your way back into the squat.

Plyometric Wall Push Ups – Plyometrics in general are awesome for building explosive strength. You will wear out your pectoral muscles fast with this one.

Lateral Shuffles – This quick side to side motion is most effective when you keep your butt low – you will burn more calories, engage more muscles, and be most closely replicating the movements beneficial to game play.

Russian Twists – Building strength through torso flexion is crucial to the torso rotation used while hitting the ball.

If you still have plenty of energy left when you are finished with this workout, repeat it for a more significant benefit to your stamina, strength, and skill potential on the court.

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