* Duration: 28 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 188-242
* Difficulty: 3/5
* Equipment: Bench, Dumbbell, Physio-Ball
* Training Type: Strength Training

This routine uses a Push-Pull method, meaning that each pair of exercises uses the same body part & motion, but opposing muscle groups to complete the movement.

A weight training routine like this one is appropriate for any fitness level; you get to choose the difficulty and how much effort you put forth when you choose the amount of weight that you are lifting.

You will do 12 repetitions of each set of exercises, back and forth until you have done three sets through.

In this routine we use an adjustable set of dumbbells.  You don’t have to have an adjustable dumbbell set, but you will need a variety of weights in order to get the most benefit from this routine.

You will also need a physioball or bench in order to complete many of these exercises.

Exercises in this routine:

Chest Press: Primarily targeting the pectoralis major, the triceps, front deltoid, coracobrachialis and trapezius also have to pitch in.

Tripod Row: The main focus of this motion is the rhomboid. The biceps, and rear deltoid are assisting muscles.

Overhead Press: These predominately target the deltoids, triceps, and trapezoids.

Dumbbell Pullovers: Principle muscles of this exercise are the lattisimus dorsi, pectoralis major and minor, deltoids, rhomboids, and triceps.

Curls – Biceps are the most important contributing muscle to this movement but they aren’t the only ones at work. The wrist flexors, scapulae, trapezius, and front deltoid all must work as stabilizers in order to complete the action.

Overhead Triceps Extension: This is an awesome exercise for the triceps. Other muscles worked include the deltoids and trapezius.

Wrist Flexion: These help build strength around a range of motion so that as you move on to heavier weights in your lifting routines, your wrists can still stabilize and control it.

Wrist Extension: The opposing exercise to the movement above, this also helps to build strength and stability in the wrists. This is essential to being able to increase your lift weight and therefore strength and muscle mass in larger muscle groups.

Because of the focus on antagonistic muscle groups and the comprehensive muscles used, this is a very well rounded upper body dumbbell workout.

In order to get the most from this strength training routine, you need to be very diligent about maintaining proper form throughout all of the exercises. Some of the simplest exercises can be incredibly effective when proper form is made priority.

For example, Bicep Curls are a great exercise, but only when executed properly. You will get better results when you use a low weight with proper form, than you will when you increase the weight you are lifting, but with lousy form.

Along with being meticulous about your form, you should also be especially assiduous about not using momentum to complete any of the exercises. You’ve probably seen the people at the gym “lifting” an amount of weight that might be impressive….if only they weren’t using purely the momentum of the swinging & flailing of their limbs to complete the motions. Use smooth and controlled movements in order to make your muscles work harder.

As always, make sure and do about 10 minutes of some kind of warm up activity before you jump right into any heavy lifting. Stretch when you are finished to help ward off any severe muscle soreness the next day, and be sure and give those muscles a chance to heal if they are sore after a workout.

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