Slaylebrity couples might just be the most talked-about topic in the entertainment sphere. Who’s shacking up with who? Who’s getting hitched? Who just got engaged…the questions surrounding the relationships of people we don’t even personally know never seem to end. And for some reason, we just can’t get enough of their love.

Well, as much as we’re obsessed with Slaylebrity couples and their romantic love stories, we’re even more in love with their personal style. Individually and as a unit, these couples prove that having an S.O. who dresses just as well as you is the key to relationship success. From pairs that complement each other perfectly to ones that highlight the notion that opposites truly do attract, we bring you our top couple coordinated look from slay my look.

This listing includes a look for her and him

Choose from a red theme or black

Size Custom

Price : $30,740
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

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Hot concierge styling tip

For her We recommend a custom wig at $5000 from slay my hair, custom jewelry at $1111 from slay my look, custom bag at $2968 from slay my look, custom press on nails at $250 from slay beauty and custom shoes at $5088 from slay my shoes.
For him we recommend custom shoes at $5088 from slay my shoes and custom eyewear at $2695 from slay my shades.

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Having an S.O. who dresses just as well as you is the key to relationship success.

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