* Duration: 28 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 190-280
* Difficulty: 4/5
* Equipment: Slosh Tube
* Training Type: Balance/Agility, Strength Training, Toning

When trying to get the most calorie burn or progress out of your workouts, not all exercise equipment or exercises are created equal.

For example, when trying to build functional strength (strength that is the most beneficial in everyday life situations/activities) doing a leg extension on a machine is not the same as doing a lunge, though they both use the quadriceps. The latter uses multiple muscles to complete the motion and maintain steadiness. Exercises with a Slosh Pipe further exaggerate the need for balance and bodily control and therefore requires your muscles to work harder by increasing the challenge to your reflexes.

Though all of these exercises can be done without this exact piece of equipment, using it greatly increases the improvement in your functional strength and the calories burned per minute while exercising. And really, who doesn’t want to burn a few extra calories.

This workout routine can not only burn more calories than a similar routine using dumbbells or barbells, it can also help to train supporting muscle in almost all of your joints as well as adding an extra challenge to your core muscles (abs, lower back, and obliques). This extra challenge to your core helps to strengthen and tone your waist, turning almost every exercise into a core workout as well.

Each exercise focuses on a different part of the body and different supporting muscles.

Alternating Lunges: This move targets the thighs and butt as well as the calves, using the slosh pipe makes the hips and core have to work harder for balance.

Squats: This motion targets the thighs and butt as well and the unstable tube also makes the motion harder for the core and hips.

Walk Forward & Backward: When done with this wobbly piece of equipment the foot, ankle, hip, and torso all have to work harder to maintain balance and control, especially the torso, when done with the slosh pipe up across your shoulders. You can make this more challenging by holding the tube up higher above your head (arms extended). If you don’t have enough space to pace back and forth, you can always march in place or do high knees.

Bicep curls: This motion focuses on the biceps, causing them to build more control. The movement of the water also causes the shoulders/rib cage to tip, making the obliques kick in for control.

Skull Crushers: This motion is for the triceps. This very unstable piece of equipment forces the triceps and the supporting muscles in the shoulder to work harder for stabilization.

Chest Press: This move uses the chest and triceps and the slosh tube causes the supporting muscle in the shoulder to have to work harder as well as improving control over the chest and tricep.

Toe Touch Crunches: This abdominal exercise becomes more difficult with the slosh tube because of the extra shoulder stabilization and torso stabilization required to keep the motion under control.

Overhead press: This motion uses the Deltoid and Triceps and the use of the tube increases the demand on the shoulder’s stabilizing muscles, as well as the core muscles, as the water moves from side to side.

Estimated number of calories burned by doing this workout video: 200 – 280

Just a head’s up; make sure that there is nothing breakable to knock over wherever you choose to do this workout. For the same reason that it’s such a great piece of workout equipment (it’s wobbly, unstable, and potentially a bit difficult to control), it can easily end up clearing the tops of tables or putting a hole in the wall!

How to make your own slosh pipe

There are hundreds of pieces of equipment out there that supply some kind of weight for you to lift including dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, and many more. However, all of these forms of weight have one thing in common; they are all dead weight. What is dead weight? Dead weight is just that: dead. It doesn’t move, change shape, or shift its center of gravity. That is why slosh tube training, or a workout using slosh pipe exercises, is so unique.

A slosh tube is a tube capped on each end and filled only partially full of water. The water is what gives the tube the weight and is the part that makes the equipment challenging- because it is not completely full the water is allowed to flow through the tube in whichever direction gravity takes it. This does not sound that impressive until you realize that when holding a slosh tube, even a slight dip of one end causes the water to rush to that end of the pipe, giving you an incredibly unstable and dynamic exercise tool.

You currently can’t buy these in any stores, but they are cheap and easy to build; here’s how to make a slosh pipe.

Materials you will need:
– 1 PVC Pipe that is 6 to 10 feet long and 3 to 4 inches in diameter
– 2 Rubber PVC Pipe Caps that will fit the diameter you choose (3″ Cap,4″ Cap)
– Flathead screwdriver or nut driver that fits the nut on the cap (Usually 5/16 Inch Nut Driver)
– PVC Pipe Saw or other fine tooth saw.
– Water
– Duct Tape (optional)

1. Gather your materials; all of these materials can be found in the plumbing section of your local big box home improvement store. When selecting your tube diameter and length it is important to note that the longer it is, the more unstable it will be. Also consider that the larger the diameter, the harder it will be to handle.

2. Cut your PVC Pipe to the desired length- you may be able to get someone at the store to do this for you so that you don’t have to buy a saw if you don’t already have one. Once you have the pipe put a cap on one end and tighten it down well. You may need to roughen up the inside of the cap with sandpaper to enable it to get a better grip. The last thing you want is a cap blowing off of water filled pipe inside your house during your workout routine.

3. With one cap secured, fill the tube with the desired weight of water but be sure not to fill it any more than 3/4 full (preferably only half full so that the water has room to move around in the slosh pipe). Any more than 75% full and the water will not be able to move enough.

4. Affix the other cap and you are done. If you want you can cover the metal clamps on the cap with duct tape to provide a little more safety and prevent snagging.

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The magic is in the doing

 I used to despise the jump rope. With a passion. ⠀ Anytime I would be working with a trainer and they’d bring it out instantly I started thinking of an excuse to try and get out of doing it. It used to be difficult for me to go 10 jumps without screwing up, so naturally this exercise wasn’t for me... ⠀ Then one day, I realized the only reason I disliked it so much was because I sucked at it. It also became clear to me that the little stories I was making up in my mind to justify why, were just resistance to doing something that was difficult and uncomfortable. ⠀ So I bought a jump rope and started practicing. For about 3 months during my workouts, I would do 20 and eventually worked my way up to 60 jumps, after every set. ⠀ Present day when I use a jump rope, in order to challenge myself and really get my heart rate up, I have to get a little unorthodox; because what was at one time excruciatingly difficult for me, is now too easy. ⠀ This concept is literally applicable to so many things in life. People have a hard time with something that’s new to them and will quickly decide that it’s not for them, even though they objectively know that doing “it” is the only way to get where it is they want to be. ⠀ So take something out of this. Whatever your jump rope is, remember, you’re going to have to do it bad before you can do it good. ⠀ The magic is in the DOING. ⠀

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