* Duration: 30 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 210-333
* Difficulty: 4/5
* Equipment: No Equipment
* Training Type: Cardiovascular, Plyometric, Toning

Our 30 Minute Weight Loss Boot Camp burns a high number of calories and builds functional strength, which is great for toning and burning a great deal of calories.

We start off with a 3 minute cardio warm up (feel free to do more than just the three minutes shown) and then move directly into the seven bodyweight exercises that make up this routine. You won’t need a single piece of equipment.

Warm Up:
1 Minute Jogging in Place
1 Minute Up and Out Jacks
1 Minute Butt Kickers

*We build our warm ups for people who have zero workout equipment at home – if you have a treadmill or elliptical, you could always use those to get your muscles warmed – or, even a walk around the block works just fine.

Exercises in this routine:

14 Two Hop Squats – Just like it sounds, hop laterally on one leg and then drop into a deep squat before repeating on the opposite side. This targets the outer thigh and bumps up the cardiovascular challenge of a regular static squat.

12 Plank Tuck Jacks – Go into a full push up position and tuck one knee up towards the opposite elbow; repeat on each side. Once you have done a tuck on each side and both feet are back out in a full extension, hop your feet together and apart, twice. This is a full body exercise.

14 Rocket Squats – In three pulsing motions, drop down into a squat (going lower each time) and then jump up explosively, bringing your thighs up as high as you can, slapping or tapping them with your hands. This is a huge calorie burner and glute/thigh toner.

14 Butt Kicker Hops – In a high push up position, bounce two times before kicking yourself in the butt while hopping & landing on the opposite side of your body (in an arc). Hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, calves, obliques, shoulders & chest all get worked over in this “fun” exercise.

14 Side Lunge Up & Overs – Drop into a side lunge, touching the ground by your toes with both hands. Quickly stand back up, raising your hands up and over your head before dropping down to touch your toes in a lunge on the opposite side.

14 Diagonal Jackknife Crunches – Lie flat on your back with one arm extended over your head. Use the arm that is over your head to reach across to the opposite leg, bringing that leg up so that it is straight up over your hip joint. Repeat the reps on both sides of the body.

14 Back Bow Oblique Crunches – Bend over so that your chest is parallel to the ground, keeping your back perfectly flat. Round your back and drop your shoulders down towards the ground before arching your back as high as is comfortable. Drop back to a flat back before standing up straight and doing an “elbow to knee” oblique crunch on each side before starting the series of movements all over again. This works your back & your abdominals.

How many calories does this burn?
In the 30 minutes of this Weight Loss Boot Camp, we estimate that a person could burn between 210 – 333 calories – actual expenditure is based on a complex set of variables that is specific to each individual.

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