We keep getting asked if Men should undoubtedly be left to foot the bill at all times or at least majority of the time, the simple answer is yes. Once you let a man shirk on his duties sooner or later you’ll find you are the one left holding all the bags and you certainly don’t want that No Siree!

Men should ABSOLUTELY be paying for dates. Men should be paying all the bills and everything in a relationship. In this video you will come to understand how to make your man pay for everything in your relationship!

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I''m a stay at home wife and have been since 1993. I have 3 children who are now young adults in college. Every time I tell people I am a stay at home /wife, it is met with serious contempt and disgust. I don't know why. I think it is beyond precious to be available to my children when they come home from school and take care of the home. In today's time, I guess I'm very lucky to be married to a man that can provide that lifestyle .

Sick and Tired of this gender equality movement, not all of us want it quite frankly

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