Old money is not just about the amount of money that you have. It is about how you spend and live your life.

The school of affluence is a lifestyle which can be seen in many cultures, but it is most popular in North America and Europe. The jet set babe has expensive taste, they always want the best of everything and they will never settle for less than what they consider to be the best. Old money people use Luxury concierge to do a lot of things.

I used to tutor/babysit a 15-year-old girl from an old money family before sending her off to a British boarding school. I spent a week with her in the best hotel, showed her around the city, trained her English communication skills etc. Everything she used looked luxurious, but like Anna always says, no logo (well, until she opened her washbag and there was obviously something from Chanel). She never showed me that “I’ve paid you, peasant” attitude like most my other clients do. She told me to order any room service, showed appreciation for my help and called me “big sister” (I was melted). The only thing she requested during the week was Shin Ramyun (spicy instant noodles). I refused to spend her money and had a week of Shin Ramyun with her.

Prior to meeting her, I had met her older sister, who apparently had several Hermes bags which she took to the meeting room, put on the floor and casually shoved under the desk. That’s a strong contrast with those who threw their bags and coats in your face. These sisters are eye-opening, in a very good way. They are friendly, kind, and humble; even if they hired you to do things for them, they would treat you with respect. At times I heard my colleagues joked about how the sisters owned so many Hermes bags at a young age, that they were spoiled etc. I told them about the Shin Ramyun and educated my colleagues not to be so judgemental. Seriously, they’re not spoiled or big spenders, that’s the price range they are comfortable with but it’s unfortunately not the same as your range.

P.S. One funny story. One time when my boss was travelling to China, the parents of these sisters were also on a business trip there and they invited my boss for dinner. My boss wore his best suit and had his hair done and such, but eventually, the clients took him to the street food market and wondered why my boss was so over-dressed.

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You can't be old money unless your family have had serious wealth for over seven generations

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