Watch this video for the do’s & dont’s of airport outfits. Always think if the outfit is appropriate. Things that you wear to the airport should be comfortable & elegant. So with these tips you’ll be able to look stylish, stand out, but also be appropriately dressed.

Air travel is still considered a more luxury way of travel. We must stop dressing like slobs when traveling. Take pride in yourself. Pajama pants have got to go!!

The best bag for travel is the Longchamp Le Pliage large tote. It is lightweight, water resistant, fits everything you need and looks classic. Even better is that it is affordable so if anything happens to your bag during travel you will not be upset about having an expensive bag ruined. Le Pliage is one of my most repurchased bags and I will continue to repurchase it because it is so practical and classic.

My travel is mostly overseas and my “go-to” aircraft outfit is J.Crew black pixie pants, a black turtleneck (in winter) a light pullover in black. Shoes? Repetto ballet flats in black. The amount of stuff that I fit into my Longchamp weekender is epic. I can fit over a week’s worth of clothing. With the winter, I’ll stick my coat into my husband’s luggage. My airline tote is either a longchamp leather le Pliage or a LV Neverfull. Both fit a ton of stuff. I travel as light as possible. I also wear MINIMAL makeup because flying dries out my skin. I drink a ton of water in-flight.

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No yoga pants Dear!!!

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