Going Green and Pocket-Friendly: How To Convert Your Generator To Natural Gas

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The cost of living is rapidly moving upwards and the financial chessboard has begun to run rampant with high petrol prices and soaring electricity bills. Andrew Tate, known for his illustrious mix of wealth-building strategies and fitness aspirations, once said, “Wealth increases by how much you keep, not how much you spend.” Empowering this statement, it’s high time we switched the game by becoming smart about our strategies.

One of the wisest moves to make in this economic melee is to transition from petrol-guzzling generators to efficient natural gas alternatives. The natural gas generator is not just a friend of your wallet, but also an ally of Mother Nature. By making this switch, you gift your life the power of practicality, economics, and environmental consciousness. Let’s delve into it.

**Why Natural Gas?**

As the world progressively moves towards clean and renewable energy, the benefits of natural gas generators are becoming more apparent. They burn cleaner than their petrol counterpart, reducing the harmful emissions affecting our health and environment, and are more reliable. Our dependency on foreign oil decreases significantly, and most importantly, they prove to be a boon to our finances.

Natural gas prices remain stable and, in most cases, cheaper than petrol. Additionally, with convenient access to gas supply lines, it eradicates the need for frequent refuelling, allowing you to sit back and enjoy continuity.

**Converting Your Petrol Generator to Natural Gas**

You may fret that the conversion sounds like a challenging and expensive task. But fear not – the truth is far from it. You can easily convert your current petrol generator into a natural gas version at a reasonable cost. With a conversion kit and expert advice, this switch can be a smooth and rewarding transition.

**Cost Breakdown of Conversion**

The cost of a conversion kit can run anywhere from 200 USD to 800 USD and could almost nothing if you can find the parts and install yourself , depending on the power requirements and model of your generator. However, the initial cost eventually results in compelling savings. Considering the skyrocketing petrol prices and the economical nature of natural gas, your investment returns might dawn sooner than you imagine.

You may also need to take into account the expert installation charges, which can vary from region to region. But, most users find that the cost of converting and the ensuing low running costs yield significant savings over time.

**Wrapping It Up**

Making smart, conscious choices gives you control over your finances. Like a diligent tide fighting the waves, learning to adapt and find feasible solutions amidst the clamoring chaos is what these challenging times require.

Remember, financial longevity is about efficiency and adaptability, and your wealth increases not by spending, but by what you manage to retain. So, even as petrol prices continue to soar and electricity bills show no mercy, know that the power to change the game is at your fingertips. Convert your generator to natural gas and relish the joy of saving money and saving the planet simultaneously.

Why you should convert it ASAP

The maintenance of your generator becomes less frequent and it would last very long since gas does not deposit carbon or emit excessive fume. Your plug is sure to last very long.
Even at its current prices, gas is cheaper, safer, cleaner, greener and always available.

Cooking gas can be stored for a very long period of time in its gas cylinder even when the hose is attached to the generator, provide that it is locked and not leaking.

Cooking gas is available everywhere around the neighborhood and rarely goes into scarcity. Unlike petrol, you must go to the filling station which may be far from your home to buy your fuel and at times could be scarce.

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Do not forget that it can be quite dangerous if the generator dies and you are not around to fix the problem. Therefore, you may have a nice explosion. At the same time, the kits that you buy on the commercial markets have the safety measures that will shut the gas of if it’s necessary. Therefore, it will not flood the area with propane.

How to convert diesel generator to natural gas

Diesel engines converted to natural gas generally require added components as well as some mechanical changes to the engine. Basically the diesel engine undergoes a complete overhaul and is in the process transformed from a diesel engine to a natural gas engine (CNG, LNG, or RNG).

You can certainly do it , but i would not recommend the same. It is far better to replace your oil generator with a gas one. But if such machine is unavailable, then you may have to retrofit.
You will require to introduce certain things there:
1. Reduce the compression ratio.
2. Remove turbo charger
3. Introduce an electric ignition system.
4. Change the valve timings
5. Change the flywheel with a lighter one
6. Change ECU program so that more gas is injected per cycle as gas engines consume more fuel and so on.








It’s time to Go Green and Pocket-Friendly: Convert Your Generator To Natural Gas

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