Are we expected to tip room service in luxurious hotels? How much should we tip them? Find out about the rules in today’s tipping etiquette video!

A luxury hotel is a place where you can be pampered and spoiled with all the amenities. In such a place, tipping is not mandatory. But if you want to show your appreciation for the staff, it is always nice to leave a tip for them.

The amount of tip that you should give depends on how much money you have and how much time you spent in the hotel. If you come across as wealthy or affluent, then it’s alright to give more than what’s expected. You can also leave a tip if there was something that they did that was out of the ordinary for them – like providing an upgrade or going out of their way to help with something specific.

If you worked once in the service department, you know how great it feels when you get a nice a tip and see how people appreciate and value your work. It’s often a lot of hard work, they stand all day, have to be nice even to annoying and angry customers/visitors. Leave a good tip, be nice… Sometimes it makes their day.

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A tip and a smile goes a long way.

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