Growth comes from discomfort!

This is a collection of the most valuable 100 pieces of knowledge which Jet set babes you use to win at life.

1. Where you live is the most important decision you will make in your life
2. If you want to flourish you take care of the soil, not of the seed
3. Remember, a flower doesn’t go after the bee
4. You don’t have to fight for:
1. True love
2. True friends
Both come naturally
5. You should stop chasing butterflies… plant a garden so they come to you
6. Speaking of friends, stop hanging out with losers unless you want to be one yourself
7. Stop taking advice from people less successful than you, unless you’re listening to learn what not to do
8. Try to never be the smartest person in a room
9. A sinking ship can save no one. If you want to live a life that matters, start with yourself
10. Stop pointing fingers and assume blame for everything happening in your life
11. Be as brutally honest as you can be – at least with yourself and try with others
12. Your life is boring because you are boring. Stop waiting for other people to come in your life and fix your reality
13. You solve boredom by being curious
14. If you’re lacking purpose, know that the purpose is to grow
15. Speaking of purpose, take care of yourself. Once you figure yourself out, take care of your inner circle
16. Define a big goal for your life – make it explicit, it will serve as your north star
17. Once you figure yourself out stay in your lane and leave them be
18. Worst position to find yourself in is: no time + no money
19. BETTER > MORE > NEW. Shiny objects are all around you
20. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Focus on doing what you do and do it consistently better
21. As long as you live remember that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap
22. Success boils down to just doing the obvious thing for uncommonly long periods of time
23. Be careful of unearned money or knowledge. There’s usually a price to pay
24. Every day do one thing that gets you closer to your big goal. Venture out into the unknown.
25. Do not quit. Everyone who ever won at life simply didn’t give up
26. You must work in the dark for your light to shine.
27. Measure in decades not days. You will be paid based on your ability to see into the future.
28. If life is a simulation, self-confidence is a cheat code. Believe in yourself and others will do as well.
29. Never assume the answer is No before you ask. Let them be the ones to tell you NO.
30. Stop acting richer than you are! Stop trying to impress people. Impress yourself!
31. Let them hate. Nobody throws stones at a tree that doesn’t have ripe fruit in it.
32. Stop expecting them to see what you see! Stop expecting them to act the way you would act! Stop expecting YOU from them!
33. They won’t be able to see the world the way you see it.
34. If your dog starts barking at you, someone else is feeding it! This isn’t really about dogs.
35. Others will only see your decision.. not the choices you had!
36. Stop chasing people. Yes, sex is fun, but making your dream come is the ultimate release.
37. Stop buying video games and weed, instead hop on a plane. Chase experiences versus escaping from reality.
38. The only real test of intelligence is if you get what you want out of life.
39. Once the work is done, the lesson learned, trust that the money will follow.
40. Learn to use leverage. Those who use the tools at their disposal outperform the rest.
41. Rise up early. The world is lazy and unmotivated. It’s easy to compete with them if you’re up before them.
42. You don’t win by being better, you win by doing the things others don’t consider valuable.
43. It’s never too late to start but those who start earlier usually get further along the way than everyone else
44. Remember that Great is just good repeated over and over again.
45. In life you have to choose one of two pains:
Pain of discipline or Pain of regret.
46. You feel bad because deep down you know you could be doing better. The gap between reality and expectations creates stress.
47. Direction is more important than speed! The same way hard work won’t get you very far if the idea is poor.
48. It doesn’t get easier, you just get better! But the trick is to do it every day & once you see those results coming in, you’re hooked!
49. Good enough now is better than perfect never.
50. You might not realize it, but Between 1% and 2% the difference is 100%
51. Once you get burnt, don’t put your hand back in the fire. The lesson you struggle with will repeat itself until you learn from it!
52. The price for making everyone happy is making yourself miserable.
53. People want you to do well in life, but not better than them.
54. Remember that if they talk to you about someone else behind their backs they will do the same about you with them.
55. Judge people based on what they do, not on what they say.
56. An insincere apology is a second insult.
57. The smartest people realize life is a strategy game.
58. Reality is negotiable.
59. Truth is nobody gets rich being employed.
You get rich by owning something that dramatically increases in value in a short period of time.
60. Some of you aren’t broke.. you’re just pre-rich!
61. You get rich by taking large amounts of risk with low amounts of money.
62. You make yourself rich by selling. You make yourself wealthy by not having to sell.
63. Pay all your taxes! You don’t want to be disqualified due to a technicality.
64. Avoid emotional altercations. Nobody remembers any situation where losing your temper created a positive outcome.
65. Once the words are spoken, they’re no longer only yours.
66. Learn to be where your feet are.
67. Don’t be a slave to the person you used to be! Forgive your past and move on.
68. Don’t die with the music still in you. Find your gift.
69. Find your voice. Learn to speak as yourself.
70. Be courageous. The journey starts when you take the first step, not when you think about taking the first step.
71. It’s never the first mistake that ruins you, it’s the series of mistakes that follow it.
72. There’s no such thing as “your truth”. Truth is reality, what you have is your perspective on reality. Do not confuse the two.
73. If you want to avoid making the same mistake twice, make more decisions based on your past memories and less decisions based on your current emotions
74. You don’t expand by becoming someone else, you expand by becoming more of yourself.
75. The greater the monster, the greater the hero. When you start growing, you’ll get growing pains!
76. Cost of public failure is the ticket to the life you want to live
77. You already know this by now, but if you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.
78. Being busy is not a flex. It means you don’t have control over your life.
79. Stop opening new tabs in your mind. It slows down your processing power!
80. Anything that you can do for a limited time that has lifelong returns.. do it!
81. You don’t need more advice! You need to finish your to-do list!
82. Learn to use the knowledge of the past and you will seem like a genius of the present!
83. Use knowledge as soon as you get it, for its value decreases over time with the number of people that hold it.
84. If you feel undervalued, the first thing you should do is switch locations because: Location changes value!
85. Whenever you feel stupid about something is a signal that you just got smarter.
86. Although people say they don’t know where to start, the reality is that too many options are what’s stopping you from taking action.
87. When we know what to do, knowing when to do it becomes the hard part!
88. The world you were born in no longer exists, so open your mind and get ready for the future.
89. he goal is to be an intellectual athlete! Being an end-to-end thinker is a superpower!
90. Doing what you want = freedom
Liking what you do = happiness
91. Be careful of who you choose to follow! Put a clown on a throne and the hole kingdom becomes a circus.
92. Don’t mistake an expensive lifestyle for a happy life.
93. Time doesn’t heal anything.. it just piles up new memories and distractions.
94. Strive for peace not happiness.
95. We are born with the seed of death in us. If you were to die tomorrow would you be proud of how you lived your life?
96. You should never have a problem turning the page of your life. Life has seasons the same way nature does.
97. You win at life when you enjoy the passing of time.
98. Sometimes more money is just too expensive.
99. The reward is better when you’ve earned it.
There’s beauty in the struggle..
100. The goal is to no longer have any goals! Success is a self-perpetuating game that you can only win by deciding that you’ve already won.








If you want to flourish you take care of the soil, not of the seed

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