What would you buy if your business skyrocketed and started pulling in millions each year? Or, maybe that dream of winning the lottery finally paid off. Have you ever thought about what you would have in your home if you suddenly struck it rich? Here are a few ideas.

Location, location, location

In the search for their own earthly paradise, most prospective luxury home buyers focus on the uniqueness of a listing, its hidden Edens and world-class amenities, proximity to the beach, ocean views and specifics involving the price.
However, the smartest buyers also pay attention to the quality of the neighborhood. Even if a buyer is looking for complete privacy, they are going to want to buy in an area that matches their lifestyle. And if they can’t find the right fit, they can always buy the perfect piece of land to build their own private oasis.

Unobstructed views

Let’s face it, everyone wants a view. When prospective buyers visit a home, they want to walk straight to amazing ocean, mountain or island views. As many homes that cost over $10 million come fully furnished, buyers are attracted to designs that do not block access to the view with bulky furniture or heavy drapes and blinds.

Generous bedroom count

Individuals and families who can afford the steepest home prices usually have an army of personal assistants, helpers and relatives who need a place of their own. In many cases, the more bedrooms, the better. Sellers are now even converting useless space such as empty landings and halls into smaller bedrooms to make homes more attractive to buyers.

Less is more

Today’s buyers are all about minimalism. Unnecessary shelves, curios, cabinets or desks are nothing more than visual noise for potential buyers. In order to keep the home clean and clear after it is purchased, closets and garages are key amenities to help the new owners tuck away their own treasures.

The latest technologies
Even when buying in an exotic or secluded location, high-end buyers are still accustomed to controlling everything from their smartphone. Being able to lock doors, adjust the home’s climate, control lights (both indoor and outdoor) and set the alarm system with a touch of a button is a must-have feature for many luxury purchasers.

Bringing the outdoors in

In warmer locations such as Hawaii, it is imperative to have a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience in a home. Finishes such as pocket doors and outdoor showers allow for a truly unique living experience. Owners feel like they are one with nature from the moment they wake up until they close up the house for the night. Outdoor kitchens and entertaining spaces are also on the top of many buyer’s lists.

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Things you need In your house to be considered next level rich

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