In this video I talk about things that I stopped wearing & what I chose instead due to my style transformation. transformation journey, when you learn more about yourself and let go of things that don’t support your journey.

The list is quite simple

1. Stilettos – no more 14-15cm/5-6in heels, they’re too sexy, stick to 10cm/4in max
2. Cheap clothing – poor quality clothing that loses its shape and color within a few washes + it harms the environment
3. Babydoll style tops – looks cheesy and a bit bulky, tailored clothing is better and looks more feminine and expensive
exception: works on apple shaped bodies
4. Skinny jeans – only wear it if you have the body for it, works on skinny long legs, looser trousers look better on bigger calves
5/6.Uncomfortable jeans – trousers tend to be much more comfortable and look better
7. Black – more white, beige, and pastels; just comes and goes in phases, might get into colors soon

Till the next slay time!

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Bye Bye stilettos

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