In my opinion, elegance goes beyond being classic all the time, it’s more about the way that you combine your outfits, your personal style and the attitude and posture that you carry on. Sticking to the classic style just for the sake of elegance can lead you to look impersonal, predictable and sometimes even boring.

An Elegant Lady would never be caught seen wearing these items! Learn how to level up your wardrobe by avoiding doing these fashion mistakes that will cheapen your appearance!

The truth is The list of things an elegant woman should never wear is a long one. It starts with a fur coat and ends with a pair of high-heeled shoes. There are some items, however, that deserve special mention.

A fur coat is never elegant and it doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake. Designer clothes can be expensive and luxurious but they’re not elegant. A woman who wears them might as well be wearing a sign that says she’s only interested in impressing other people with her wealth. The same goes for any item that advertises the brand rather than the wearer’s taste or personality.

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ust because something is trending doesn't mean it's elegant

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